Vaccination in the splitting

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

This vaccination can be done when the plants are still in forced rest, that is, before the start of the growing season.Usually it begin in early April, and in some years, and the end of March, depending on the prevailing weather conditions and continued until the beginning of the blooming growth of buds on a tree PODBOYNOM.

You can also differentiate the work as in the first method - privivalschik should not work alone, but paired with an assistant, which makes the longitudinal splits in the bitch and vaccinate helps insert the cuttings.Spili-tion branches depending on the age of the tree, their thickness and the angle of divergence from the trunk do at different heights.On young trees the branches are cut down at a distance of 40 cm from the place of their discharge from the barrel, more adults and have thick branches at a distance of 1 m with the calculations

to cut branches was no thicker than 5 cm. On one main skeletal branch forvaccinations can be cut two or more bitch, but here

Fig.Vaccination full splitting a - cuttings;b - splitting on the rootstock;in - with inserted rootstock cuttings

need to adhere to a certain distance from their place of divergence.Depending on the direction of a branch can be cut shorter than

another.Crowning branches uniformly produce a crown in the middle and on the periphery, but in such a way that part of their left and temporarily supply power to the root system.Usually, they are left at the bottom of the trunk and the crown.Leave and other smaller branches overgrowing.

After sawing zachishayut slices with a sharp knife and start grafting.Gardener puts vaccination ax cut through the middle and hammer splits it to 10 cm in length.Taking the ax, just insert the opposite part of his wedge into the slot and gently pushing the sides.At this time, the assistant inserts the prepared cuttings, but so that the cambial layers of both parts coincide with each other.After you insert the cuttings of the wedge ax is removed, and the gap closing up, holds them firmly.In the thick stump splitting can be done crosswise and insert four cuttings.After delivery of the cuttings all wounds, including slots, you need to cover up garden pitch.When leaky hold cuttings in producing split the first piping, and then is coated with pitch.On grafted twigs 3 cm thick plaster with pitch and can not do, instead applying a polyethylene film.First, take a piece of

film in 3 layers, pierce holes in it at a distance set by cuttings;the film is put over them to cut and the edge of her tightly knotted around the stump.Plastered and putty should only places around the cuttings.Sami cuttings for grafting to take 4 the kidneys and prepared as follows.

At a distance of 3 cm from the bottom end of the cutting across both of its sides are made undercuts no more than 1 mm in depth and from them down the diagonal slices.In the right lower part of the cutting sections should look like in the form of a wedge, which is inserted into the cleft, pushing his shoulders in the face of the cut stump.It is also important to the fabric of the same name stock and scion coincide with each other.With this method of vaccination can not be cut in advance to prepare a lot of branches, the more they leave the next day.They dry quickly and have to be replaced.