Crop rotation

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Vegetable Plants

How to organize an elementary rotation in a small area?It depends on how many beds you can break on their six acres.The first in line is the cucumber, which requires the introduction of organic matter, it can be compacted planting radishes in early spring.

Behind him the seedbed for the next year may take early potatoes or any of the crops: parsley, parsnip, celery.

the third year landed on the bed of cabbage, but first make under it and always organic calcium nitrate against clubroot.First seal the cabbage planting spinach, and then planting chervil.

next in line - beets, which needs liming the soil before planting.Planting beets in early spring, you can seal the salad.

then landed on a bed of onions, turnip, but first make organics.Seal the bow can be watercress.

then wait for their turn to carrots.Its landing is not compacted.

The next year, you need to make organic and squash to plant.After them would be good to plant peas or beans, and on the edge in the middle of July to plant radishes.

The next year, proizvestkovav flower bed, sow any one culture: turnip, radish or turnips, but under the turnips should be added to make organics.

Then you can add organic matter and planted in the garden pepper under film cover, stretched over the arc.

last in the queue is garlic.After it is necessary here again to return cucumber, tossing him organics.If this all seems too long, break it into two or three cultures and to scroll through each group independently.For example, ogurets- potatoes, cabbage, pepper.In the rotation are only four beds.

can create other options:

potatoes, cabbage, carrots or parsley -repa, rutabaga, or radish, onion, garlic;

roots, strawberries, strawberry, strawberry--kapusta potatoes;

cabbage, carrots, beets, parsley, radishes, turnips, radishes and green cultures, onions;

strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, green peas zemlyanika- kultury- garlic.

vegetable beds If you have one, two and miscalculated, it is necessary to make a crop rotation on a bed, settling her as a big communal apartment, caring only that the neighbors are not at odds with each other.You can choose them carefully read the list of compatible plants.

example, planting beets, impacting its early radishes, beets planted in between rows before planting it;when the beets will grow and it will need a lot of space, radishes will already be removed and beets will not interfere.Beet planting 1 -2 m beds, and then prick celery, only one row across the beds.Further it is possible to plant a few plants of any cabbage by sealing the upset early planting spinach, then sow carrots scheme 5 x 5 cm to 1 m all for it will land na 1m onion sets, then you can put lettuce, and then - parsley.When the place of a salad available, plant radishes later.The following year, all cultures move the forward and beets will be at the end of the beds.

Most often peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in greenhouses.Be sure to reverse the annual cucumbers with tomatoes and peppers grow well next to tomatoes, in which case it does not touch the aphids, but even more he loves cucumbers and feels great next to them.So you can put it here and there.

Many gardeners have noticed that the plants develop better in joint landings (of course, if they are compatible), to the same and the number of beds can be reduced significantly.You can arrange the beds anyway.

plant corn in a row in the center of the beds on either side of it - the beans, and the edges - carrots.Or alternate rows of corn with rows of ground cucumbers.The direction of the beds, as always, north-south.Do not be afraid that cucumbers or beans to score corn - it is from this neighborhood will not be affected and at the same time protect the beans and cucumbers from the winds.

Either disembark from the center of parsnips, on both sides of him undersized peas, which does not require supports (his peas were sown 2 together).Then, on the side of peas - beets or carrots later, and on the edge of the most ryadochek onion -sevka.bean rows can be divided planting of strawberries from such neighborhood improves the taste of berries, plants and planting of spinach among four salad plants improves the taste of the latter.

Nasturtium and marigolds are friends vegetables, disorienting their smell insects that fly around their side, because they do not find among them their breadwinners.Sow in the center of the beds early carrots.When the time comes, will land on either side of her seedlings of cabbage, alternating it with marigolds, and at the ends of the beds nettle plant.Or will land in the center of a number of beds.cabbage, on either side of it - the beets, and side beds plant a nasturtium.Or, on the edges of the beds celery plant, and in the middle - a series of marigold, on either side of them - cauliflower.

The beds should be compacted, then they will be no room for weeds.For example, planted onion sets on a path across the beds, intended for carrots.A series of early varieties of carrots alternate the rows at sowing with radish.When the radish will remove stead podseete ranks of late varieties of carrots, for storing, or will occupy rows of seedlings of beet.You can sow in the garden salad, alternating with rows of cluster dill.When the salad will be used in its place should be immediately sow spinach.

can sow in late April, in rows of turnips and parsley, and after the turnips will be removed in its place to plant turnips or black radish.

Planting leeks radish can be sealed in the beginning of summer, and spinach - in the end.There are many options.