Skin and beauty

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Beauty Woman

representation of the beauty of the human body at different times and in different countries varied significantly.

For example, in the Renaissance cellulite on a woman's body naturally considered, so artists of that time did not hesitate to emphasize this detail, drawing the nude female body.In Russia, that the dimples on thighs - this is a problem, we find out much later that, as in 1970 in the American magazine «Vogue» first appeared word.Today, in a fashion smooth smooth skin without cellulite and stretch marks.Drinking birthmarks at different times been controversial.In some countries, they are considered to be marks of the devil, and the owner of

such "marks" might have been killed.In other - moles were considered a sign of good fortune, especially the girls even drew a "fly."Moles and now continue to excite many people, and some even come from fortune tellers to predict the future of man on the location of moles on his body.Doctors also birthmarks are more cautious, and see them as a potential t

hreat to life - the risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor, and therefore recommended to treat tumors is very, very carefully.

But such a disadvantage as warts, I never considered beautiful in Russia.Therefore, even in ancient Russia, people have used various folk remedies to remove them.

Among the most popular techniques -.. Use the juice of fresh sour apples, grated onion, chicken bile, urine, as well as all sorts of conspiracies, etc. Now, these methods cause only smile, because now there are effective modern means to remove warts -cryotherapy, electrocautery, laser removal.

Generally, modern cosmetology stepped too far.Now almost any cosmetic flaw including spider veins, scars, under eye bags, can be avoided or at least made less noticeable.

separate topic - skin rejuvenation.In our theme you'll find many ways to preserve the beauty and youth face without the help of a surgeon.

Now you need to arm themselves with a strong desire to achieve a positive result, patience, as well as serious material support, because all further proposed procedures will certainly require financial outlay.

skin performs many vital functions.But it is also our regular "clothes", most of which, especially in the summer, is available for public viewing.

However, not all people can boast a healthy and beautiful skin.Everyone has one or the other minor drawback - spider veins, warts, moles .... And many women hide under clothing cellulite and stretch marks, embarrassed to undress in front of her own husband!However, if the problem can not be solved and to ignore, it is not only not resolved, but worse.Why carry all these "decorations", if you can get rid of them?

Modern cosmetology has ample opportunities for using a particular method to make the skin smooth and beautiful.Of course, it all costs money, and to get rid of cosmetic imperfections are often required to undergo long-term treatment.

However, when you visit a medical center be prepared for what may be a promising procedure for you is contraindicated due to the health condition.

Thus, many treatment options are not held at:

violation of skin integrity - exacerbation of chronic skin diseases;

herpes in the active phase;

severe somatic diseases;


In addition, there are some precautions:

»thalassotherapy contraindicated in hyperthyroidism, varicose disease of I-II degree of hypertension, are hypersensitive to foods containing iodine;

microcurrent therapy is contraindicated in the presence of elektrokardiomiostimulyatora, epilepsy, cancer, if you are hypersensitive electric current, as well as patients who had a history of heart attacks or strokes;

microdermabrasion is contraindicated in inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the procedure, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, pigmentation of benign tumors.

more information about whether you fit one or another procedure, you can get to the medical center, where you plan to apply in order to correct existing shortcomings of the skin.