Calendar of measures to combat diseases and pests

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

fight against pests and diseases should be timely, to take preventive measures even before the appearance of a pest.If next to the apple tree happened to Rowan, it is best to root out because it is the source of infection of mountain ash moth.It is necessary to seasonal alternation of poisons, because the pests easily get used to them and form a stable population.

consumption rate solutions when spraying young (under 6 years) trees 2 liters per tree, fruit-bearing - up to 10 liters, depending on age.The soil and leaf litter are sprayed at the rate of 25 liters of solution per 100 m2.Flow solution on a 1 hectare garden depends on the tree layout.

Vrannevesenny period (March, April, "the skeleton", before bud break) cut withered, dying, diseased and bruised-tary pests branches and burn them.Backlogs hollow putty-ayut prepared from NIGROL (70%) and ash (30%), or a mixture consisting of 1 kg NIGROL, paraffin, rosin.The mixture should be

boil on low heat for 30 minutes.Sections were daubed with ocher on n

atural drying oil or clay, diluted to a 5% solution of copper sulfate.Disinfects wounds 3% solution of copper or a 5% solution of ferrous sulfate, a strong solution of potassium permanganate.We clean them, capturing 2 cm of healthy tissue treated with petrolatum and for rapid overgrowth - IAA.Every four years, the old fruit-bearing orchards sprayed with 5% iron sulfate, which is getting into the soil, improves the development of the trees.

sure to restore the whitewash trunks and branches (good sprinkle the whole crown) milk of lime for the prevention of sunburn.Hang sinichniki, birdhouses, if from the autumn it is not done;fed birds.If necessary (large supply of infection of previous years), when the temperature reaches 5 ° C, sprayed with a 3% crown nitrafenom "eradicates spraying").Generally, a 3% nitrafenom sprayed only fallen leaves under the apple trees.Use as fertilizer solutions of high concentrations (urea - 700 g of ammonium nitrate - 100 g of potassium chloride - 100 g per 10 liters of water) or iron (5%) or copper (3%) sulfate.

spring (May and the first half of June, from the bud before flowering) - the most crucial in the fight against diseases and garden pests.The success of the control measures in the period saving from damage by most pests and diseases and can lead to the fact that many subsequent spraying during the growing season are redundant.

During the swelling of the kidneys shake beetles weevil poles, trimmed with sackcloth, on the mat, which is burned.Against sucking pests apply an 8% concentrate of green soap.Pull on shtamb catching belt of burlap, straw, corrugated paper or foil.

When bud (on the green cone) sprayed apple 3% Bordeaux mixture ( "blue spray"), if there had been no treatment nitrafenom crown.

During the nomination and isolation buds garden karbofosom sprayed (30 g per 10 liters).If not performed "blue spray" insecticide added substitutes liquid Bordeaux: zineb (40 g per 10 liters) kuprozan (40 g per 10 liters) oxychloride copper (30 g per 10 liters) or colloidal sulfur (100 g per 10l).Carry out spraying Burgundy liquid (100 g of copper sulfate and 45 grams of soda ash per 10 liters of water).

During flowering apple trees in the garden set the hives.No pesticide treatments are not carried out, so as not to poison the bees and not interfere with pollination.

During the summer (July, August) periodically (when the temperature is not below 10 ° C), after 20 days, browsing catching belt, brushes pests in a bucket of kerosene solution.Disinfectants and ventilated cellar.After flowering, when petals over subsidence, repeated spraying of the combined solution (1% Bordeaux fluid, cine-bong - 40 g per 10 liters, kuprozanom - 40 g per 10 liters, copper oxychloride - 30 g per 10 liters of colloidal sulfur -100 g for 10 liters).With heavy infestation of mites in the solution is added keltan.

Against sucker garden fumigate the smoke of tobacco dust.In the case of the need to combat leaf-eating and sucking pests using malathion (30 g per 10 liters).Inspect plants consume caterpillars.Shakes sawfly damaged ovary on the cloth.Upgrade the trapping zone.Within 20 days after the end of flowering fruit trees are sprayed karbofosom.When the need to combat scab added to the solution of a substitute liquid Bordeaux (Zineb, ftalan, copper oxychloride, and so on. D.).

25 days after flowering conduct repeated spraying as needed.Viewers catching belt, collect (preferably every evening) wormy windfalls.

Each spray (3 times in the summer) leafy crown simultaneously carried foliar application of mineral fertilizers, especially when the trees are weakened (1% phosphorus, 0.3% nitrogen and 0.2% of potassium, total concentration must not exceed 1.5%, and phosphate fertilizers are soaked for a day).With a lack of trace elements and give them as top dressing.

For 30 days before harvest stop treatment with pesticides.Autumn pests go away for the winter, fall into a state of rest, the winter cold they are transferred to the upper layers of the soil, on the branches and shtambe.The causative agent is stored in leaf litter, bark cracks.

In autumn (October-November), after harvest, remove and burn zone trapping, mummified and dry the affected fruits;raked, composted, buried or burned the fallen leaves;cut and burn dry branches.Purify the old bark on trunks, branches, heal wounds, sealed hollow.Whiten trunks and main branches of the lime milk or spe

social garden water-emulsion paint VS-511, commercially available.Carry out spraying a 7% urea, or a 3% nitrafenom.Disinfectant containers, chataly for cutting tools copper or iron sulfate, 5% carbolic acid, a saturated solution of ammonium nitrate.

After the natural leaf fall tree trunks dug, plowed or dug up the aisle.Decomposed poisoned bait for rodent control, otaptyvayut snow during a thaw around young trees, their trunks tied spruce branches.Lead capture birds for their repellent trunks coated with a mixture of carbolic acid, clay, mullein.POST sinichniki, birdhouses;attract insectivorous birds in the garden, feeding them, especially in the snowfall and black ice.

must be remembered that treatment should be carried out gardens with pesticides only when other (non-chemical) methods can not achieve the desired result.Scheduled for garden spraying, it is necessary to take into account the degree of development of diseases and pests.When treatments with pesticides trees have to close with plastic wrap or thick cloth

strawberries, vegetables and other crops planted in the garden between the rows.

reduce the use of pesticides can also be an integrated system of protection of apple trees, that is, using a complex high agricultural technology, physical, biological and other means.

Regularly inspecting the plant, identifying centers of pests and diseases, mechanical control measures applied;collect wormy fruit drop, shaking off the infected fruit, collecting the nests with caterpillars, catching caterpillars hunting zones, traps;cut out diseased branches.

In the absence of pests and diseases, especially in young orchards, apple trees can be sprayed or not to carry out only eradicates early spring spraying 3% Bordeaux fluid, nitrafenom.

Gardeners are now often used vegetable substitutes for pesticides: onions, garlic, tobacco, yarrow, horse sorrel, parsley, tops of tomatoes, potatoes, citrus peel, mustard, pine needles pine tar soap, sol-soapy water, soap and a sol-salinewith turpentine.

Phytoncidal These plants like calendula, marigold, useful plant among the fruit trees and shrubs, they help in the fight against disease and

repel pests.Smell planted near the house red elderberry deters rats (it helps to combat moth on the currant and gooseberry).By insecticidal (guarding the garden from pests) plants are delphinium, dandelion, aconite (wrestler), the latter can be useful in the fight against mice.

Pure apple grown with their own hands, particularly tasty and appetizing.