August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Light - a prerequisite for the implementation of the leaves in the synthesis of organic substances, ensuring a sufficient level of photosynthesis, of growth of shoots and leaves.

In vivo sunlight - the only source of energy that provides photosynthesis.In light of plant leaves in the synthesis of organic substances from the air of carbon dioxide, water and mineral substances released from the soil.The need for light depends on the rock-varietal characteristics, the development period, the phases of plant growth, the soil and climatic and agronomic conditions.Most light-requiring fruit crops and a lack of light and do not grow dramatically reduce yield.But there are more shade-tolerant species, can tolerate some degree of shading.The highest light intensity require the reproductive organs (inflorescences, flowers and fruits).In the absence of light, they do not develop.The deviation from the optimum illumination is shredding leaves.In poor lighting conditions violated many physiological processes (accumu

lation and metabolism, differentiation of tissues and cells, pollination and fertilization, the formation of fruits and seeds, etc.).In poor lighting inside the crown reduced longevity fruit bodies, their productivity, fruit quality.The acquisition of the plant coming from the environment of substances is directly dependent on the intensity of illumination.For the best coverage of the trees and shrubs of the crown pruning is used at too dense planting thinned.

Fruit plant light-requiring and shading reduces yield and fruit quality.The abundance of light available to plants depends on geographic latitude, time of year, the direction and steepness of the slope, the state of the atmosphere, plants, placement, density of the crown, and others. The good illumination inside the crown reached its correct formation and pruning.

We can not allow an excessive thickening of landings, as in this case, the plants shade each other, are stretched, weakened and subsequently reduce productivity.