Pests plums, cherries

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

l willow aphid pollination. Its larvae are born from overwintered eggs during the formation of buds, grow rapidly, turning into wingless females light green, covered with a white waxy coating, like fluff.The number of aphids reaches a maximum in the second half of June.Their colonies populate the tops of the shoots and the underside of the leaves, the edges are slightly bent.Leaves about discolored veins.On the sugary secretions of aphids develop saprophytic sooty fungus.

Cherry aphid infests cherries.Its larvae are brown, black adults, glistening.The larvae are concentrated on the tips of new growth and populate the underside of the leaves, which are deformed and dry, and the shoots are stunted. Control measures. See. apple tree aphids.

cherry sawfly slimy damages cherries, less plum, pear and chokeberry.Larvae overwinter in a cocoon, a tree crown in the soil at a depth of about 10 cm. Pupate in June.Adult sawflies are small (5 mm), with black webbed wings appear in mid-July.The female ovipos

itor saw through the lower skin sheet and lay eggs in the tissue.Larvae greenish-yellow, covered with black slime, like the small (about 1 cm) leeches eat flesh leaves, leaving only the veins and transparencies bottom skin. Control measures. loosening and digging tree trunks circles (at a distance of 1 m from the trunk) in autumn and spring.After harvesting the cherries recommended spraying trees infusions of tobacco, tobacco, wormwood, or the drug solution spark of double effect (1 tablet per 10 liters of water) or malathion (60 by 10 liters of water).

plum borer (yellow and black) overwinter in the larval stage in the soil, pupate in the spring.Adult insects appear 3-5 days before flowering plum.The larvae feed on the pulp ovary plum and uncured bone, eating the entire central part of the fruit.

Control measures. autumn digging the soil tree trunks to kill overwintering larvae there during budding plum (before flowering) daily pest shake the trees in the litter, collected and disposed of.Do it better in cloudy weather.

Chemical treatment.See. cherry sawfly slimy.

Plum stem harm only in years with warm dry summers, Caterpillar introduced in the fruit pulp of paving in the course of a stalk,

then gnaws a bone in the course.From wounds follows gum in the form of transparent, light or amber drops.The growth of the fruit stops, they become purple color and fall off.

Control measures. Daily gather windfalls, in late July - early August impose catching belt after harvest to remove them from the trees and burn.

After flowering trees to handle drug spark of double effect (1 tablet - 10 g per 10 liters of water).

Acacia Coccidae found on the sink, also develops on the currant and gooseberry.Hibernate reddish-brown larvae in the bark of thick branches.In April, they crawl on the single, biennial shoots and begin to suck the sap from the bark.In late April - early May, the larvae turn into adults.After 2-3 weeks, the females begin to lay eggs from which even after 3 weeks the larvae hatch yellowish who crawl on the crown, prisasyvayas to the leaves and petioles mostly on the lower side, and feed on plant sap.

Control measures. timely fertilizing with organic and mineral fertilizers, the processing before flowering karbofosom (60 by 10 liters of water).