Hyacinthus orientalis

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers For Open Soil

lily family.

Perennial bulbous plant up to 28 cm tall (often - about 20);bulb round or slightly elongated, consisting of scales;basal leaves (up to 9 pieces in the socket), linear up to 30 cm long, grooved, gray-green;leafless flower stalks, succulent;inflorescence racemose, flowers are bell-shaped, up to 4 cm long and the same or slightly smaller in diameter, numerous, can be simple, semi-double and double, of various colors, depending on the grade;original form is usually bloom in April and May;fruit - capsule, rounded seeds, black and white fleshy appendage.

Grades (grouped by color, different flowering periods: RC - early-flowering, SC - srednetsvetuschie, PC - pozdnotsveguschie, only about 400 varieties): blue (from pale blue to pale violet shades) - "Bismarck", RC;"Grand lila" (grows better in the south), RC;"Zheneral color", RC;"Marie", etc .;purple (ranging from light lilac to purple-violet shades) - "Grootvorst" SC;"Distnnkshin" HRC;"Laura", SP, etc .;Pink: "Anne-Marie" (well suited to the sou

thern areas), very early;"Queen of kicks," the HRC;"Madame Hutsbenzak" HRC, etc .;Red - "Victoire", SC;"Cyclops" Polychrome HICLES between CC and the HRC;"Ian Boy", RC, etc .;White - "Ishyusans" RC;"Madame Sophie" PTsidr .;yellow and orange - "Oranje Boven", SC;"Sanflauer" HRC;. 'City of Haarlem', SP et al

humidity requirements: during the active growing season and flowering in need of moisture, which can be maintained thanks to watering at least twice a week when there is no rain;watering should be stopped after 10-15 days after flowering.Stagnant water can not stand.

to heat and light requirements: Sun- and heat-loving plant.

to soil requirements: light, neutral or slightly alkaline (probably lime) soils;basic fertilizer (mineral + humus or bird droppings) is introduced in the spring before planting, responsive to fertilization: in the usual way.

Reproduction: onions, leaf cuttings, seeds (the latter method - only in the selection).Varietal hyacinths have a very low reproductive rate, signs only saved when vegetative propagation.

Features: inflorescence after flowering is necessary to cut.Bulbs are dug after the yellowing of leaves, the kids break off after drying, and stored separately in a dry ventilated rooms, can be at room temperature in the boxes with a mesh bottom or gauze bags.The distance between plants at planting shall be not less than 10 cm. He does not like the wind and drafts.

Usage: beds;for distillation and cutting.