August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

The name of this method of vaccines received from the Latin "oculus", which means "eye."Glazkov in horticulture is called a kidney, so budding grafting a kidney or eye.This is one of the most common methods of grafting rootstocks, the main advantage of which is that any well developed kidney is able to give life to a new crop plants while retaining all the properties of the original royal varieties, which owns the kidney.Thus, the sharply reduced rate of inoculum compared to grafting cuttings, which should have 5-7 buds, which is important with a limited amount of material.In addition, budding very simple and operational in terms of technique and its performance is very good taking root.

Advantages budding

Ease and speed of implementation.

high survival rate of vaccination (up 100%),

Low flow planting "Shogo material, only one developed a kidney.

successful passage and engraftment of vaccinated almost depends largely on the quality of stock and scion.Stock, as already mentioned, should have a

thickness in shtambika site of implantation at least 7-10 mm, bark must be thin, flat, plastic and well separated from the timber into the incision.Cuttings are designed for cutting holes must be fresh, neuvyadshimi, nepodsohshey bark, and buds are well-formed.Cuttings for budding cut

For budding should take guard with the kidney from the middle part of the shoot, where they are best developed, poorly formed buds from the shoot base are not suitable for budding as unable to give a strong continuation of grafted plants

immediately beforea work-at zivki better early in the morning before the high op solar activity, sapping moisture s cortex and adjacent tissues escape.You should not take the main shoots to continue zetvey or center conductor and zolchkovye shoots, as because of the strong growth they have not time enough to develop matured kidneys.The thickness of the harvested escape should be 5-7 cm and a length of not more than -0-40 cm, the upper part of the shoot with the weaker buds for grafting is not used, so it is immediately cut off.Leaves on the shoot lolzhny to be healthy and well-developed, they should be cut off from the shoot, the stem portion ostaviv..sh 1 cm. The prepared cuttings should be put in a bucket of water or wrapped in a damp cloth.This is necessary vgoby bark on them has dried up and has not lost seoey plasticity.

.Zlya budding with harvested cuttings baa - ie only a kidney or eye Kidney uneven in quality during the shoot for in-gnsimosti from the place of its location in the crown and gremeni bookmark buds.First of all form-gpotsya lower buds, but they are weak and do not lhodyat for budding, in the upper part of the shoot buds, on the other hand, do not have time enough to form at the time of budding z.therefore also not suitable for budding.The best characteristics in the 5 ^ & lt;! On and adaptability are different kidney ggsdney part of the shoot.This is common to all in the gel of fruit trees rule, however susche-ggzuyut exceptions.So, for example, nekoto ~ wasps species of pear is quite possible to use glasses with the upper part of the shoot, and for some species of fruit okulirov- quite ap:;: zhnie kidneys.