Vaccination wedge

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Vaccination wedge has another name - the vaccine gayfusom.This method of vaccination is used mainly when the diameter of the branch is large enough, and the crust is thin, elastic, no thicker than 3-5 mm.This is a fairly time-consuming method of vaccination, which requires certain skills and training.For the inoculation site in the wedge Examples

Preparing cuttings for grafting wedge

When grafting in a wedge grafting cuttings make double-sided cut so that both surfaces of the cut agreed at the end of a wedge at an acute angle

Techniquewedge grafting

1. on the rootstock and scion should be made similar in shape to the tapered sections.

2. Set grafting stalk in the notch on the stock so that the cuts coincide.

3 - At the junction of the rootstock and scion is necessary to make Tugu binding by polypropylene tapes, and wounding fabric covered garden pitch

grafting must be cut or cut down a branch from one side to make a triangular wedge-shaped cut-out.On the handle should make

a wedge shape and size corresponding to the cut on the rootstock.The wedge of the scion must be aligned with the notch in the rootstock, inserting a wedge into the cut-out.If the stalk is held firmly in the recess, and the cortical tissue rootstock and scion at internal borders match, the vaccine was successful and you can carry out the harness in place of articulation.Wounds on the rootstock and scion should be covered garden pitch, or other insulating material to prevent infection in open unprotected tissue graft and rootstock.A simpler and much more efficient way of vaccination is a vaccination splitting wedge in, used only for pereprivivki mature fruit trees.To do this, cut off or cut a branch at the site of inoculation and split end cut using a garden knife, this should be done carefully so as not to split in half and unstick of the branch.To the gap is not closed, it s to be on the preparation of the graft-tion of the cutting insert peg or splinter.

Technique of improved vaccines for bark

1. On grafting the handle needs to be consistently perform two oblique cut so that

neither agreed in the end at an acute angle.

2. On the rootstock should make the cut bark 3-4 cm long knife and separate the one from the edge of the crust

revesiny and slightly bend.3 - Put the stalk grafting into the incision so that the additional cut on the handle belonged to neotognutomu edge rootstock cortex.After installation of the cutting at the site of the junction must be made harness

grafting on the handle should be, as in the case of a wedge grafting, to make the cut 2 from different angles so that their surfaces converge sharp wedge.Grafting a cutting insert in splitting so that the bark and cambium of the scion in line with at least one side with bark and cambium of the stock.If branch diameter is large enough and can accommodate the other hand one stalk, it is necessary to do so.Once the cuttings are inserted into the cleft, it is necessary to make fixing the harness to the cuttings were painting the walls of the compressed slivers.