Pereprivivki adult tree

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Need pereprivivki adult fruit tree can occur in any garden and can be caused by several reasons.One of them is dissatisfaction gardener grown variety, the need to have in the garden a new fruit variety or situation where the purchased varieties were not those on which the gardener had hoped.In this case, there is no need to uproot a tree or plant a new, possible pereprivit already grown.In addition to resolution difficult situation pereprivivki can increase frost resistance of the most vulnerable parts of the tree - the trunk and the base of the major skeletal branches.When pereprivivki varieties of pome apple and pear crops incompatibility of stock and scion is rare, with most pereprivivki stone.Each group of varieties - winter, autumn and summer - has its own biological rhythms in passing phenophases development and metabolism.Therefore, when grafted varieties with a long growing season to plant with rapid passage phenophases of possible serious disorder in all different

Crohn pereprivitogo fruit


Vaccinations are done on the skeletal branches and the central conductor.The branches of the old varieties in the crown left to provide attenuated vaccine plant essential metabolic products, as long as it does not get stronger and begin to synthesize the products of assimilation itself in full.Later such feeding branches are cut at the ring

Technique pereprivivki

1. grafting a cutting insert or desperately vrasschep on the stock so that the cambium of the scion and the rootstock is in contact.

2. Place vaccinations should tightly wrap the tape or other soft strapping material to secure the slips.

3. Fabrics rootstock with injuries and wounds should be covered garden pitch to prevent the penetration of infection in the place of vaccination.

4. Beginning of shoot on grafting cuttings indicates that the vaccine has taken root.From this point you can remove the harness.After fusion of grafting rootstock cuttings with the need for it disappears

simply replaced by new ones.The young tree at the age of 4-5 years pereprivivayut once the whole crown.If the tree is older than 5 years, pereprivivki doing for 2 years.On young trees to pereprivivki choose 3-4 best-located lateral branches, cutting them by about half the length so that the place of inoculation was at a distance of 40 to 50 cm from the trunk.In place of the central conductor should be vaccinated at 30 cm higher than the uppermost graft branches.The trees older than 5 years, vaccination is placed on the center conductor, 2-3 branches of the second tier, and 3-4 major skeletal branches of the first tier of the crown.Skeletal branches intended for pereprivivki, cut according to the rules of subordination branches in the crown.The branches are not subject pereprivivki greatly shortened, and the smaller left without shortening them to continue to perform the role of feeding the branches, providing a weakened after pereprivivki tree nutrients.As the regrowth of a new crown when no feeding branches disappears, they are cut to the ring.

When pereprivivki relatively young tree is important to observe the rules of subordination branches, so the lower branches of the cuttings should be taught at an altitude of no more than 100-120 cm from ground level.The length of the left part of the old varieties of branches from the trunk should be at least 40-50 cm. When the distance is too abbreviated krone thickened and requires a strong crop regrowth after vaccination.The tree of any age need to leave the feed branch, located in the lower part of the crown, because they nourish the weakened tree as long as the new variety is not itself starts Vat is synthesized nutrients in full.

Location grafting cuttings

power and the location of the skeletal branches of a tree, while performing pereprivivki role rootstocks, determines the number and location of grafting cuttings.1. powerful and vertically arranged branches grafting cuttings placed

arbitrarily, their number can reach up to 4-5 pieces on the same rootstock.

2. On the obliquely positioned powerful rootstocks usually grafted on two grafting cuttings.

3. On weak and thin branches placed on one grafting cuttings on the vertical side of the rootstock

etvi diameter of up to about see pereprivivayut way the bark or in the side desperately branches with a diameter greater than 3 cm pereprivivayut of bark or vrasschep.Pereprivivki can be done by cuttings in spring and summer by the kidneys during the summer active sap flow.Experience has shown that grafting cuttings are more effective.The best period of the extension phase is vaccines buds each fruit species.The blank cuttings for pereprivivki carried out tasted, well-developed high-yielding trees are not damaged by frost, pests and diseases.Dates harvesting cuttings can be different, but they are usually harvested in November, before the onset of severe frosts and keep vaccinations up in a cool room with a box with damp sand or sawdust.You can store the cuttings in the fridge, wrapped in a damp cloth, and film.Pereprivivki subsequently complemented by mature trees forming the crown pruning.The need to trim next year after the pereprivivki due to the fact that as a result of severe pruning before pereprivivki activates the growth of young shoots from dormant buds reserve and therefore when trimming is necessary to remove all the shoots have grown up in the vicinity of the inoculation place, which is about 20-30 cmdownwardly therefrom.Cut out as a vigorous vertical shoots.Is treated in the same manner and left feed threads, which will be cut completely within 2-3 years.Pruning trees pereprivityh can be carried out in late July - early August.

When pereprivivki crowns of mature trees are obtained by large sections of the branches, which perepryvivayut two or more cuttings.However, the new extension of branches can serve as escape of only one stalk.Therefore, for the next year on vaccinations, having two or more cuttings, as the main branch of the chosen one the most well-developed.The rest of the additional graft cuttings are needed primarily for the stimulation of early wound overgrowth or replacement in the event of the death of the main stalk.Shoots they should not grow too long, when removed, no major injuries were formed, weakening the plant, so they are constantly pruned, and then after complete wound overgrowth cut on the ring.

In the first years after vaccination great attention should be paid to sections of and, if necessary, update the plaster sealing materials such as garden pitch.

Technique of pereprivivki

is necessary to carefully examine the tree, scheduled for pereprivivki.It must be strong enough and developed, but not too old.The tree should be healthy, undamaged trunk and bases of the skeletal branches of the first order and have many strong side branches.

Chart mentally installation site for pereprivivki cuttings.

center conductor must remain above the end of all the other branches in the 30 to 40 cm.

necessary when pereprivivki trees to observe the laws of subordination branches.

Cuttings on the lower branches should be taught at an altitude of no more than 100-120 cm.

old varieties need to cut the branches, leaving a certain part of the same branch.The length of the left part of the branch should be not less than 30-40 cm from the trunk length.

When too great a distance from the trunk to the left end of the old branch is enhanced neurite branching between the graft and the barrel.

Too short distance from the trunk to the left end of the old branches of the krona after the regrowth of vaccinations will unnecessarily thickened, making the need for a strong follow-up trimming.

garden pruners or knife needed to cut out all the ramifications, available on the intervals between the branches of the planned site of inoculation and the barrel.

place vaccinations must be prepared carefully wiping the entire site branch to trunk with a clean cloth, wash with water if necessary.

The place of installation of the cuttings should be cut all the branches.If the tree is more than 5 years and the krona its quite extensive, it is advisable to leave for 1-2 years one branch and not to saw it.This branch will serve as the supply, promoting assimilation of plant products as long as the new will grow powerful enough leaf canopy.In this case, the best will be the growth of a new variety of branches of the kidneys to graft cuttings and better wintering plants.

For pereprivivki most convenient methods such as vaccination of bark and lateral vrasschep desperately.

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