Sports style and country style

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Beauty Woman


Clothing in sporty style - the most convenient, hygienic and unpretentious in a sock.It is convenient to wash and you can not iron.Originally a form of sports, it gradually evolved into casual clothes.So in our locker room there: from football - shirts and leggings from riding - leggings, from tennis - shorts, short skirts and knitted dresses.For clothes of sports style and include comfortable and warm jackets, overalls, "Cycling" Shorts, "Bermuda", loose shirts and trousers, T-shirts, sports jerseys kits, as well as dresses, skirts and sundresses with sporty details - epaulettes, yoke, pockets, metal fittings.Currently, a simple straight jeans, unless they are decorated with embroidery, beads or otherwise, also refers to this style.

Sports style requires suitable footwear and a bag or backpack.Sports shoes are usually with thick soles, which are not tired feet.It can be not only shoes,

and shoes, boots, high lace.Such shoes are often worn with high ornate socks or gaiters.

Makeup should be very noticeable, hairstyle - maxi-mally simple, such as long hair tied in a bun.

To fully meet the sporty style, you need to buy a vigorous gait and confidence motions.

In a sporty way, you can dress up if you learn the rules of the institution and you allow it, and if you

person liberal profession and no limit your choice of image.In other cases, dress in this style is, if you really want to do sports (even play badminton in the yard) or are going to visit the appropriate event (for example, to go to the football).


country style is also called folk, rustic, folk.He appeared more than 100 years ago in the Wild West, when cowboys wore jeans, leather pants and a scarf, and American wives and daughters of farmers - wide skirt made of light fabric, plain or

and small flower, and light blouses.Another version of their clothing - a dress made of cotton fabrics simple style: cutting at the waist with ruffles at the waist, long skirt and narrow sleeves;top dress - apron with ruches.

Currently, designers, creating clothes in a country style, are actively using motives of folk costumes, combining different cultures and eras, fantasizing on the topic "urban dweller in the village", and vice versa.

Anyway clothes in a country style has a simple, free and relaxed silhouette, does not restrict movement.It could be dresses, tunics, blouses and long skirts, wide cut, divided skirts, loose knitted sweaters and cardigans.Fabrics are used only natural: cotton, linen, wool, tweed, at the height of fashion is always a material that has a rough surface with conspicuous weaves threads.

country style colors often pastel, muted - it is shades of beige, brown, green.Especially popular are various patterns, including ethnic, finishing beading or lacing.In this case it is best if used for finishing of wood or wood beads, leather lace or under the skin.Also popular applique, lace, embroidery, fringe.

particular importance in the folk style accessories attached.From headgear is perfect straw hat, which to decorate a wide ribbon.It can be made from the same fabric as the dress.You can also wear

bottom crochet beanie "pot", berets.

country style shoes - sandals with straps or laces, wooden clogs and simple low-heeled shoes.Because jewelry can opt for a small long beads, large-Dere vnnnyh earrings filament Baubles.

clothes rustic can not wear to work if you're at a major company.But things comfortable fit for nature walks, trips to the cottage or country house.

Despite the fact that the clothes in a country style usually worn in summer,

iozmozhen and a winter version of it: a thick woolen skirt over her large flannel shirt untucked, the top - knitted sweater emphasized rough on the feet - thick woolen stockings.Shoes - thick flat sole.