Age periods in the life of fruit trees

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Age periods fruit plants reflect a succession and dominance in the life processes of plant growth, fruiting and drying and reflect the underlying age-related changes that occur in the aerial part of the fruit of the tree, as well as the processes of growth and dying off of the root system.

growth period

covers growth and development of plants from seed before the first harvest.Characterized by:

gain sustained growth of the main scaffold branches;

appearance on the main skeletal branches strong enough fouling shoots;the formation of powerful long shoots

with long intervals between the leaf buds;

intensive laying of flower buds;

- increased growth of vegetative shoots at the periphery with a gradual weakening of the inside of the crown;

- intensive development of all parts of the plant ;; c active growth of the root system;possible to delay the growth of the root system, caused by the lack of energy in the plant due to the very rapid development of the aerial part.

Age tree has perhaps the de

cisive importance when choosing the type, timing and extent of pruning, so it is necessary to know and take into account the peculiarities of each of the main stages of the life of the plant.

Global pruning task in the development of fruit tree throughout its life cycle is the maximum extension of the productive period of his full fruiting, reducing growth and early fruiting periods and reduce the long-term period of fruiting.

start fruiting period

Covering the period from the first small crop before the onset of regular fruiting.Characterized by:

strong growth of the major skeletal branches;

progressive development on them fouling branches;

th lowering long shoots;

regrowth of elongated lateral branches, and short shoots with the apical flower buds;

: - intensive development of fouling on the branches of fruiting bodies, which leads to the capacity of crops;:;: - suspension of shoot growth in length;- The progressive growth of the root system, and to a lesser degree of branching.

The first fruits of this period are characterized by small size and low capacity for storage in comparison with the fruits of these same varieties in the period of full fruiting.