shortened crop

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Shortening is to reduce the length of the shoot or branch by removing its apex, often with the shortening of the annual increment is cut or multi-year branch.With strong shortening in the truncated branch awakening dormant buds, grow stronger side branching is reduced so-called wading branches.

reaction of fruit trees and shrubs on the crop is a major thing in common: the more intensive crop, the more active is the development of new shoots.This technique can be used to care for the old and slow-growing fruit trees, but do not abuse it, too much interfering with the natural process of plant development.After intensive shortening the shoots and buds of branches receive a powerful impetus to growth, including developing strong new shoots, of which eventually formed strong branches.New shoots in the next year, in turn: a cutting undergo shortening tse pour rejuvenation of plants and produce a crop is not of the rich.

shortened pruning should be sufficiently intense.If the work on the cutting was weak or n

egligible in the load on the tree from the remaining large amount of kidney will be so great that early netsya intensive growth of the tree crown, one to the resulting shoots are short i weakened.

interesting method uneven ukorachi ing pruning can offer Correction rektirovki errors related to the intensity of the fruit tree growth.If a graver tree uneven pruning, ETS will lead to the opposite effect, that is strong but the truncated part of the tree will grow honey than an expo- and slightly truncated part, on the contrary intense.

plant reaction to shortening

When shortening the branches of the substances that were supposed to ensure the growth of shoots on the branches of the udalat pus, redistributed between the shoots grown below the cut site.With a weak shortening notable results in the number of shoots, strength and growth and angles of divergence hardly be observed.With increasing degree of shortening of shoot growth area close to the base of the branches, and even if the number of shoots grow back will increase the growth of their efforts and the angles of divergence will become more acute.

shortened crop has a local effect, ie the effect of cropping area in the growth of branches does not extend beyond the truncated one-year branch.

impact of different

degree trimming

on the development of plants

1. Strong shortens the trimming causes intensive growth of shoots from the apical (terminal) of the kidneys.

2. Weak shortened crop leads to moderate uniform growth of side shoots of the middle left kidney.

3. Uneven cutting is irregular rapid growth of the entire tree.

should be remembered that the greater the crop, the stronger the reaction of wood on it, the more the subsequent growth after pruning.Excessive plant growth after hard pruning

can lead to thickening of the crown and the new hard pruning.Therefore, rational not to run a tree, so that later do not have to resort to hard pruning

One of the methods is shortening trim trimming on the kidney, which is carried out by the kidneys base to the top of the branches.After shortening kidney escape, below the trimming space, experiencing a strong impact, to encourage them to become loose, which leads to intensive development and branching of the shoot.The more branches arranged close to the horizontal direction, the more intense will be the formation of side shoots, preferably located on the upper side branches.Thus, reduced tree growth in height, it will be able to use his powers to lay the flower buds and fruit formation.Shortening the one-year branches should be made as clean as possible close to the kidney, but so as not to damage the kidney, because the next year of her new should develop an escape.

should be borne in mind that the cool grow back up to the branches as a result of pruning to the kidneys can occur intense expansion of the weak side shoots, which is undesirable process. ShschVYaShYaShIYaYaYaShYaShShShShYaShShShYavvYavvvYaYaShschSchYaYaYaSht

If pruning to produce a weak but well-formed buds, located in the lower part of the shoot, he will turn weak and proliferation will be significantly limited.Admission shortening trim until the last bottom makes it possible to weaken the kidney development, for example, competing escape, if he for some reason can not be removed entirely.This technique makes it possible to trim with a choice of two ravnotsen Slice escape above the bud

To perform the cut above the bud is better to use curved garden knife.It should be set at an angle of 30 ° to the back of the kidneys, of which it is necessary to make the cut, and sharp movement of the knife cut the top part of the branch.The best result is a cut made above the top bud

GOVERNMENTAL, opposing shoots to keep both of them.Usually in this case one of the shoots were cut, and the second kidney was removed, or by tipping garter secured in a horizontal position to speed up fruiting.Applying the said reception trimming can not cut the opposing escape, and cut to the final bottom kidneys, inhibiting its proliferation and giving him a chance to rest for a year.The following year, from the left of the last buds develop shoots with flower buds that will bloom another year.Thus, thanks to the latest crop receiving a kidney can prevent the phenomenon of alternation of the periodicity of fruiting, as always in a year will engage in the development of new fruit branches, ready to education of the fruit.