August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers For Open Soil

honeysuckle family.

Motherland - East Asia.Deciduous shrub to 2.5 m tall;Leaves are opposite, up to 10 cm long, ovate-oblong or elliptical, serrated on the edge;flowers in poluzontikovidnyh or few-flowered inflorescences, large (up to 5 cm in diameter), tubular-bell-chatye or funnel-shaped, color changes at different flowering periods (usually lighter by the time the blooming of a flowering), on the same bush can be seenat the same time a lot of different shades;blooms in May.♦ hybrid Weigel has many varieties and forms, which differ in height, color and other attributes.The most common varieties: 'Gustav Male "- the height of 2.5 m, flowers carmine-pink with white border;"Debus" - the height of up to 3 m, flowers purple-red;"Eva Rathke" - the height of 1 m, flowers karmishyu red;"Candida" - the height of 2 m, flowers white;"Pierre du Chartres" - the height of one and a half meters, the flowers are dark brown with a purple edge;and others.Weigel Middendorf ♦ height up to 1.5 m;leaves oblong-ovate;flower

s are pale yellow.Particularly moisture-loving species.Weigel obilnotsvetuschaya * Height up to 3 m, the branches beautifully izognugy;leaves oblong-obovate;flowers up to 3 cm in diameter, changing from dark to bright carmine-pink.

Weigel flowering * Height up to 3 m;Leaves elliptic or oblong-ovate;flowers on short lateral branches, and 3.5 cm in diameter, in the throat white or pale pink, the edges of dark pink.Moisture Requirements: water-loving plants, while drought in need of irrigation.

to heat and light requirements: Heat and sun-loving, but winter-hardy plant.

to soil requirements: prefers fertile soil or silnoudobrennye.When dressing better blooms.

Propagation: seeds, cuttings (green and woody), dividing the bush, layering.

Features: location should be protected from the wind.Frostscale winter shoots are able to recover in the course of the year and bloom.For the formation of crown pruning is necessary, it is carried out in the autumn.

Usage: single planting hedges.