Shortening or clipping ?

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

In some cases there can be a choice, which of the pruning techniques to choose: shortening or clipping?In this case it is necessary to take into account a number of general recommendations.

Trees with a weak capacity for branching long annual shoots need to be shortened, or koruna will soon be filled with thin elongated and weak branches.As a result of the shortening of the remaining kidney will be ramifications that will prevent exposure of and gol-nastost shoots.

If the kidneys after shortening well awake, but do not give too long branches, should not be afraid of the crown thickening and shortening of regular use.

not recommended to shorten the one-year branches of trees with strong branching, as this will inevitably lead to thickening of the crown.The more branches will be shortened, the more intense will be the growth of lateral branches and the more will thickening crown.In this case the trees with such intensive branching follows during the thinning of the crown to remove the entire branch that

is cut, because it is useless to shorten long branches: they even have reason to have a large number of dormant buds that after pruning can provide an intensive growth of shoots.

Sawing off bitch

Left: speck, the remainder of the sawn-off branches must be cut close to the tree trunk or branch out so that the surface was inclined saw cut and the water can roll over it without stopping.

Right: speck left by improper pruning can cause accumulation of moisture with saw cut, education, the rotting parts of the cortex, and the wood and become a hotbed of the disease

sequence trimming

cutting process, like any other process,It has its own laws and the sequence of actions, which it is desirable to adhere to in order to achieve the best results.

first cut should be dried, diseased and dead shoots.

:: Then you need to cut Volchkov shoots, leaving only those which are necessary for the formation of branches, if necessary, tops left to be shortened or cut in the translation.

":. Then cut the branches that go beyond the limits set for this type of crown, return the crown given dimensions in height and width

If the krona is too thickened, have to cut 1-2 healthy branch, you only need to choose the right branch,tenderloin which the discharge crown and open access light inside of the crown.

In conclusion, you need to create the required subordination of the branches, if the task of forming the young tree skeleton, or rejuvenate the crown if plant growth is weakened.

deserves special attention process of cutting large branches, which is produced by sawing. The need for the removal of strong branches can occur due to aging, damage to the gale-force wind, heavy snowfall, or loads of an abundant harvest, if not promptly installed a backup. To trim the branches with a diameter greater than 2 cm, usually use specialgarden saw.When sawing branches of the first cut is made at a distance of 20 cm from the trunk of the tree.First saw through the thickness of the bottom third of the branches, and then shifted to make 1 cm farther toward the tip propyl branches on.Between the saw cuts can only narrow web thin wood branches, which easily breaks off.The above method for preventing the formation of wood sawing faults, eliminates scoring crust.After the breaking of the branches of the TNC-pilivanie formed at the site saw cut protruding knot.Absolutely can not leave twigs or stumps in place sipped as increases the risk of rot.Spill should be smooth, clean, located close to the place of the fork to saw off the branch with another branch or tree trunk.The surface of the saw cut should be placed at an angle to with her, not accumulating, easily rolled off the water.The edges of the space branch clippings need to clean curved garden knife, removing all irregularities, and to cover the garden pitch to prevent the penetration of pathogens of fungal diseases and dampness caused by the process of decay.Treated with pitch injured area heal better, overgrown due swimming cambium.

obligatory operation is notch root shoots, which grows from the roots out of the ground near the trunk, which is highly undesirable for a tree, as it spends on growth strength, moisture, nutrients.Root shoots should be cut shears at the root, not waiting for its proliferation.As planting material rooted shoots shoots rarely used, so there is no need to leave them.

special type of pruning is crop roots. It is used less frequently, but it is necessary to reduce the too rapid growth of vigorous tree on a high shtambe.The basis of the application of root pruning on the principle of redistribution of nutrient inputs, water and other components to ensure growth of the tree.The root system of the plant and its aerial part always in a relatively balanced state, thus removing part of the root system, we deprive the aboveground part of the plant a certain percentage of moisture and nutrients, thereby slowing down and limit its spread.root pruning is carried out when the tree is in a dormant, ie early spring, before the plant enters the stage of active growth, as soon as the soil condition.

1. Around the tree you need to outline the scope of using tied to the trunk of the tree ropes and pegs, which coincides with the projection of the crown to the ground.

. 2. On the circumference should dig transheyku

a depth

bayonet spade.

3. With Fork necessary I pry the exposed roots, while being careful not to damage the fine.

4. Large roots should hacksaw to saw and sprinkle with the remaining roots ground




1. edges damage,saw cut, wound or hollow obrabotat using curved garden knife, just cut them and stripping.

2. Then, on the bare edge damage cause shpatelel or brush, depending on the consistency, the protective sealant (garden pitch, wax,


3 - After processing the edges to cover the entire surface of the sealing compound on the surface of the tree damage