Colchicum ( kolhikum )

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers For Open Soil

lily family.

Herbaceous perennials-ephemeroids;Leaves collected in the rosette (in the southern regions - evergreen), flower stalks shorter, six-membered flowers with corolla, infundibular-campanulate to unbend in the upper part of her

lobes fused below to perianth tube coming out of the bulb;It blooms in late summer and autumn, for which he received his name.

Colchicum Bornmyullera * Leaves broadly;flowers up to 20 cm long, pinkish-purple or purplish-pink with a purple base;blooms in October.Colchicum magnificent long * Leaves broadly linear, shiny;purple flowers with a purple, pink or purple hue, pharynx whitish;blooms from mid-August to late September.Less winter hardy species.Colchicum Byzantine ♦ The bulbs are large, broadly leaves, folded;perianth with a faint purple pattern, mauve flowers.If perennial crops without digging often multifloral.Colchicum Hybrid * Corms elongated, large leaves, broadly;flowers up to 25 cm long, purplish-pink, a long standing in the vase life;blooms in September.Col

chicum autumnal * Corms small, leaves smaller than the previous species, the flowers are pale lilac-pink.In a culture quite unpretentious.Moisture Requirements: prefers moderate humidity, when stagnant moisture can rot tubers.

requirements to heat and light: solntselyubiv, but in the south and can grow in deep shade, in winter it is desirable to dry harboring fallen leaves or mulch.

Requirements to soil: fertile, friable, deep-processed soil, can grow in soils schebnevatyh.Reproduction: lukovichkami- "baby".Features for better growth and reproduction desirable digging bulbs each year, the bulbs are planted in July to a depth of 15 - 20 cm at a distance of about 15 cm from each other.It is possible to cultivate in one place up to 5 years or more.

Use: in the park under the trees near the bushes, in mixborders for cutting and forcing.