Petite figure, small stature

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Beauty Woman

You should avoid long, loose sweater, elongated jackets or blouses, double-breasted jackets, large drawing and horizontal stripes in clothing.

Forget skirt whose length reaches mid-calf - they visually shorten the leg.You also contraindicated skirts, it is better to choose a rectangular silhouette.

Such items of clothing as large buttons, large pockets, luxuriant jabot collar and spreading to you, too, are not suitable.

Slim-fitting jersey to a young girl looks good, but not after 30 eleduet wear such clothes - otherwise, emphasizing his thinness, you'll look ridiculous.

Regardless of age, putting the hair, give up long flowing hair, lush hair.You may think that because you look more feminine, but in fact, they "steal" you have a few centimeters of growth and make you look like a doll.

You also do not fit big hats, drooping of the field.

What to wear?Visually increase the height you will help high-heeled shoes, or "platform", the vertical stripes on clothes, "top" and "bottom" of the same color, pl

ain dresses.

Choice skirt depends on your individual circumstances.If you have a proportional figure, you will look good in a long, ankle-length, skirts.If you are young, you have perfect legs, and you do not hesitate to show it - and you will approach a mini.Most petite women look good in straight skirts

just below or just above the knee.

You will also fit trousers and breeches of the classical length.However, should you lose vigilance, and to wear short trousers (in your case - it's 7/8 trousers) - and you will, on the contrary, "lose" a few centimeters of growth.

From the "top" you have to stop the election on a shortened and adjacent garment: for example, a jacket to the waist and sleeves - they are "stretched" in length and you will make more harmonious silhouette.

However, remember that in a suit shortened to be one thing: if you are wearing Capri pants, the jacket should be with the sleeve of a conventional length - otherwise the garment will look disharmonious and make an impression as if you were out of itincreased.

suitable headgear for miniature women - hats with small fields, preferably high, tightly sitting on his head.

best option hairstyles - short hair or smooth hair of medium length hair.