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description. Heuchera belongs to the family saxifrage.This is one of the most beautiful perennials, featuring exquisite light transparent inflorescences.Homeland Heuchera - America.

Heuchera bush is composed of several outlets, the number of which increases with age and 3-5-year-old plant may be several dozen, and the size of the formed bush - 60 cm in diameter.In Heuchera dlinnochereshkovye beautiful leathery leaves collected in the outlet.The shape of the leaf blade rounded, wavy edge of the sheet on the sheet surface are clearly visible embossed veins, leaf color green and red.This redness is particularly pronounced in the young unfolding leaves and the autumn, after frost.The leaves of Heuchera winter-green, they are replaced with spring: in late April - early May.During flowering Heuchera throws red-brown flower stalks to a height of 60 cm. Openwork paniculate inflorescence consists of many very small bells of red, pink, light pink or white, depending on the species and varieties.Particularly inte

resting views from the red color of flowers, belotsvetkovye types are used less frequently.Blossoms Heuchera long for 2 months - from mid-June to mid-August.


initial views to create many varieties of Heuchera united in Heuchera hybrid group, became Heuchera Sanguineous.

Nuntman - plant is low, no more than 10 cm, extensive bushes up to 50-60 cm in diameter, dark green leaves with a white pattern.The plant emits a few stems, flower stalks thin 40-50 cm tall with bright coral flowers on top.

plu de Foy - low plant, rosette form extensive dense bush.Leaves are small gray-green.The plant throws out stalks topped with delicate buds from flowers of dark red color fresh.

splendens - bystrorazrastayuschiysya variety, which grows up to the size of up to 60 cm One of the most popular and promising varieties used for floral decoration..The plant emits a lot of stems, whose number is on one bush can reach several tens.Peduncles high (60 cm), suitable for cutting, flowers bright carmine color.Due to the large number inflorescences flowering very lush and abundant, which makes the plant extremely decorative.

Heuchera very widely used in various forms of floral arrangements: in group plantings as single-species, so

and mixed;from it you can create a stable borders;graceful dwarf varieties of hybrid Heuchera very decorate rockeries and mixborders.All varieties of Heuchera suitable for cutting.

Cultivation and care.Heuchera be called capricious plant, but a number of "claims" to the site, and care should be taken into account.The plant prefers light-drained sites with fertile soil.It grows best on a bright open space, but can tolerate light shading.In the spring during the withering away of the old overwintered leaves their rake and mulch planting torfoperegnoem.It is recommended to regularly pour compost planted with Heuchera and make a standard set of organic and mineral fertilizers, because the plant is very responsive to treatment.Heuchera prefers moderate moisture and painlessly tolerate periods of dryness.This means that the long absence of rains the plant will require infrequent but regular watering.

Heuchera varieties are propagated only vegetatively - by division.Heuchera very well divided into individual outlets or groups of outlets with a piece of rhizome.Divide and transplant carried out in spring or late summer.During the multiplication of varieties of seeds is no guarantee that they will keep all the hereditary qualities of the parent plants.

optimal period of cultivation in the same place Heuchera - 5-7 years.By that time it reaches its maximum size.