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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

for sparsely-tiered crown is characterized by strength and stability, low density branches, well-lit and ventilated bridge inside the crown, the convenience of work on the formation of the crown, and tree care.Fruit tree with a sparsely-tiered crown requires considerable space on the site.

Another common type of fruit tree crown is vazoobraznaya form

crown, also known as cup-shaped and kotloobraznoy.Vazoobraznaya crown shape is an improved form of natural-turf Besley crown of fruit trees, which consists of a strongly shortened the center conductor and 3-5 main branches.Vazoobraznaya crown shape is suitable for short-lived, enough slaboroslyh types of fruit trees, and is formed in two versions: standard and enhanced.

Formation easy vazoobraznoy crown to start with, keep up the trunk 3-5 uniformly directed in different directions branches, formed from adjacent kidney divergence angle branches depending on their number can vary from 120 to 90 °.The center conductor must be cut over the top left bran

ch.The branches are not involved in the formation of the crown, it is necessary to shorten the distance of 40-50 cm from their base.If each of the skeletal branches to lay a pair of exhaust branches of the second order, you will receive a full pair of branching.

Vazoobraznaya shape of the crown of fruit trees

1. Formation vazoobraznoy crown shape: three major skeletal branches.

2. Formation vazoobraznoy crown with five: ain skeletal branches

When forming an improved vazoobraznoy crown should remain above 3 5 bole skeletal branches not from adjacent kidney and kidney located at a distance of 15 cm from one another.The rest of the methods of formation of improved vazoobraznoy crown are the same as in the formation of simple vazoobraznoy crown.

advantages vazoobraznoy crowns are a good illumination of its internal areas, compactness and moderate height of the trees with this type of crown, and thus the associated convenience of tree care and harvesting.The disadvantage of this type of crown is the instability of some major branches of fastening on trunks.Vazoobraznuyu crown shape is formed usually have light-loving fruit crops in the form of improved vazoobraznoy crown.

vazoobraznoy When forming the crown you must make sure that the skeletal branches are not laid bare, and were evenly covered with overgrown with branches and that the koruna has not thickened.To this end, the competing shoots and strong branches grow back straight up on the inside of the scaffold branches must be regularly removed.The center of the crown should always Stavan open to sunlight, can not allow its overgrowth.A common form of the crown of fruit and trees Zig is fusiform krona, or shpindelbush.This small-sized artificial rounded crown of fruit trees, which is characterized by the presence of well-developed center conductor, which eavnomerno spiral bezyarusno horizontal branches located almost at a right angle or a slightly elevated angle

10-15 °.The length of the horizontal branches reaching from 1.5 to 2 m, and as it approaches the top of the conductor length of the branches gradually and proportionately reduced.The height of the tree is fully formed does not exceed 2.5-3.5 m.

best suited to create a spindle crown those varieties of fruit crops, in which there is a high pro-wake kidneys, moderate propensity for growth and branching and the branches tend to naturallya way to make more or less close to the horizontal position.

Formation fusiform crown begin to trim annual seedlings, which are pruned in the spring at a height of 70 to 90 cm from the soil surface, in the summer during the growing season branches grow freely, and early autumn shoots over 60 cm folded to a horizontal position and tie up to the trunkor obliquely to stakes driven into the ground.In the spring of next year, the center conductor is cut at a height of 30 to 40 cm from the last bent branches if the tree growth is weak, should not be made this operation.The basic meaning of formative activities is to achieve that the central conductor was not empty plots without branches.In all subsequent years until a plant height of 2.5-3.5 m at the newly formed center conductor branch should also be folded out to a horizontal position and secured by tying to lower-lying branches.The distance between the bases of the branches of the central conductor should not exceed 15-20 cm. In case of insufficient intensive growth of lateral branches central spindle-shaped crown

vase or vazoobraznaya rounded crown, is one of the classic crown decorative artificial fruit trees.It is characterized by the absence of the central conductor and the presence of the main branches, evenly spaced in a circle, creating the shape of a cup.The number of branches may be different: 6,8, 10, etc.Bowl can be formed from slaboroslyh varieties of apple and pear trees grafted on rootstocks sredneroslye.To create a bowl shape seedling prepared in advance is placed inside a metal frame is cut at a height of 30-40 cm from the soil surface so as to receive the side legs 3, arranged uniformly on a circle.The following year, on each branch is left on 2 escape, thus obtaining a vase, consisting of 6 main scaffold branches.If pruned seedling provide 4 and leave the lateral branches, and in the spring of next year on each of them leave for 2 escape, get a bowl of 8 major skeletal branches.In the first 2-3 years of basic branches as they grow tie up horizontally to the frame, and then attach them to the upright position.The formation of the crown extends to 5 years.The vase can be created from different varieties of apple trees grafted with different color and shape of the fruit, it will increase the decorative vases

Spiral vase, or spiral cordon vazoobraznoy is a kind of round-shaped crown.For its formation is necessary Snatch, make and install a metal cylinder cal frame with four pillars on which the taut wire spiral at an angle of 40 ° s 40 cm between the turns.Next to someone planted a sapling of the racks, the branch is directed through the frame spirals.Form a crown end when the spiral vase dos Gaeta height of 1.5-2 m and a width of 2 m. Height Thrash in the formation of the crown recommend regular systematic Rowan summer pinched out shoots.To form the spiral vases fit slaboroslye varieties of apple and pear

millet horticulture and quickly won the n & lt;polarity fruit growers in Bulgaria, Hungary, nia, France and other countries.Large complex of classical forms with strict th & lt;cal right location it is now used exclusively for decoration Mr. gardening.Today the palm of steel is much easier compared to a sic significantly simplified requirements apply to the formation of palmettes, freer place with major skeletal branches, etc. to form overgrowing.Molded-intensive gardening is much more than growing trees to eat governmental crowns, op requires more knowledge and practices.Shaped gardener includes many methods: hedgehog naya detailed trim, garter shoots, i Menen special techniques, such as banie, twisting, ringing branches.

From fruit crops in horticulture, shaped most often used apple, pear, and much less rock stone fruit trees.In apple and pear varieties are most suitable, characterized by moderate growth and fruiting on kolchatkah being annual growth of up to 3 cm with a well-developed apical bud.

Modern types palmetto is much simpler in terms of work on their formation, have become more accessible to the establishment in amateur farms even without the presence of rich experience in the formation of crowns.

undeniable merits palmetto as a trellis forms are compact plants, good coverage of all areas of the flat crown, high yields per unit area of ​​the garden, with trees, easy to care for the crown of the tree and harvest.The most significant drawback is the complexity of the formation of crowns, according to some sources, the delay in fruiting, slow increase in the volume of the crop.