Double U-shaped palmette

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Double U-shaped palmette, or double-U-shaped cordon - a classic synthetic form of the crown of fruit trees.It is characterized by the absence of the central conductor and consists of four vertical main scaffold branches with horizontal shoulders, elbows, which are placed overgrowing branches evenly.Formation of double palmettes much like the formation of a simple U-shaped palmettes, first you need to make trunk forking for two main branches, then they should be bent in opposite directions and re-split.These 4 main branches are bred and fed vertically.Subsequent forking main branches you can get four times vosmivetoch-ing a U-shaped saw palmetto.Formation knees palmettes should be made possible

simple U-shaped palmette

Double U-shaped palmette

formation of fruit tree on a trellis

Fruit tree shape on a trellis stacked sequentially securing grow back rightand left runners on the frame.Vertical

number of advantages in the form of trees forming palmettes

Palmetto suitable for growing i

n a limited space of a small garden, they require such a vast space as vysokoshtambovye trees.

narrow arrangement of the branches with a width of palmettos 1 - 1.5 m makes it easy to work the soil under the tree, despite the low location of branches.

& lt;i Narrow Crown, located to the south to the north, creates good lighting conditions the total volume of crown and fruit within it, so that the fruit of the saw palmetto produced high quality.

Compact crown greatly facilitates the fight against pests and diseases and makes it more efficient.

shoots grow back too heavily on the side branches and is superfluous and thickening crown should be cut during the formation of palmettes.

on fixing.The formation of the crown is considered complete when the tree height of 3-3.5 m. After the creation of the crown at the annual spring pruning apical removed by running, and the growth of fouling shoots regulirukt permanent summer pinched out.Trees formed so early enough to come into fruition, because of h;waviness trunk nutrients by gradually moving up the tree and maintain the lower branches, which are beginning to grapple fruit.In order to form a cordon of volnis fit slaboroslye i apple pear.