Varieties of apple trees

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

number of varieties is incredibly large, and even the names of the enumeration will take more than one page, so we offer a few of the 33 year olds, 35 51 autumn and winter varieties, growing well and fruiting in central Russia.


Dessert Isayev - average fruit, rounded-conical, yellow with bright red banded pink.Flesh is white, juicy, sweet-sour with a slight spiciness.

Melba - more than the average fruit, yellowish-green with blurred-striped blush.The flesh is white, tender, juicy, aromatic, sweet-sour.

Mantet - fruit average, rounded or slightly flattened, greenish-yellow with a bright red blush.The pulp is off-white, juicy, melting, aromatic, sweet dessert sweet-sour taste.

Papirovka, White filling - fruit average, young trees are large, but with age strongly shrinking, juicy, sweet-sour.The main drawback - a small shelf life.

Early sweet - fruits average ploskookrugloy correct form, the color warm straw-yellow, the flesh is white with a cream shade, coarse texture with a ple

asant aroma, sweetish.

Morning - fruits of medium and large rounded-conical shaped, greenish-yellow with beautiful delicate pink blush, flesh is juicy, tender, fine-grained, sour-sweet with fresh flavors.


Autumn striped, or Shtrifel, - the fruits are large, slightly ribbed, tupokonicheskie, greenish-yellow with a carmine blush in the form of strips and bars, flesh pale yellow with pinkish veins under the skin,sweet with a fine acidity, very aromatic.

"Orlik" - fruits average and large, rounded-conical, the skin is thick, pale yellow with spreads raspberry-red tone, the pulp is white, juicy, fine-grained, pleasant sweet-sour taste with a strong aroma.

Fame winners - fruits average, rounded-oblong, yellowish-green in color with bright red blush and blurred stripes.Flesh is white, juicy, fine-grained a pleasant sweet-sour taste, aromatic.

Young Naturalist - more than the average fruit, ploskookrugloy, greenish-yellow with bright red blurred blush.The flesh is juicy good sour-sweet taste.

Antonovka ordinary - classic Russian grade fruit and his pride.Magnificent fruits and fresh and pickled, which is a rare quality.Usually the tree gives harvest 2-3 years in a row.Fruits are medium and large, smooth, shiny, greenish-yellow, the storage becomes straw-yellow, the flesh is juicy, white wine and sweet with a sour tinge and characteristic strong aroma.


Antey - fruits large rounded conical in shape, slightly flattened, crimson color with a wine-red to burgundy tint.The flesh is white with a pale greenish tinge, juicy, sweet-sour.

Banana - fruits average and large flat-round, straw-yellow color with a light tan on the sunny side.The flesh is firm, juicy wine-sweet taste with a touch of sour-fresh flavor.

Welsy - fruits of medium, light green, almost completely covered by blurred-striped blush.The flesh is tender, juicy good wine and sour sweet taste.Due to the fact that the crop ripens non-simultaneously, cleaning is carried out 2-3 times.

Lobo - fruits average white with a pinkish-red or mottled red pattern.The flesh is tender, juicy, flavorful sweet-sour taste.