Grades quince

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

varieties of quince is not so much, and all of them can be divided into groups, depending on the principle of classification.

On ripening varieties isolated early, middle and late ripening.

By early varieties are grace, Muscat, to average - Gurgi Quince, Red Suburban, Ktyun-zhum, Kuban, Favorite, Teplovsko, Amber, Krasnodar, to late - Grodno, Vraniska Denmark, Zubut-Linskaya.

The shape of the fruit all varieties of quince divided into varieties with apple- fruits - Turunchukskaya, fragrant, golden and varieties with pear-shaped fruits - Beretski Champion.

By habit tree isolated vigorous varieties ayvy- Azerbaijan, Sovkhoznaya, Muscat, Dessert, Crimean flavorful;medium tall - Anzherskaya abundantly, Gigantic, Amber, Turunchukskaya; slaboroslye grades - Soroca, Harvest.

Care: techniques and methods of care similar to those applied to apple trees.

Pruning: most characteristic biological feature of quince, which distinguishes it from other pome crops, fruiti

ng is on the current year shoots.The most productive branches of length 15-30 cm. The fruits are produced from axillary flower buds.Short fruiting branches up to 5 cm unproductive and short-lived.Therefore it is necessary to maintain an annual growth rate of 20-40 cm. Fruit-bearing trees with a gain of only 40-50 cm thin out, but the gains are not shortened.When pruning fruiting quince trees are pruned only thicker branches, seeking to obtain new growth and the increasing number of fruit-bearing shoots.Before fruiting quince tree is formed the same way as the apple tree.For the quince is characterized by sparsely-tier and cupped shape of the crown, the latter is preferable for grades in the medium and strong-type suspensions with a broad crown.Widespread cupped shape of the crown with four skeletal branches, located at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other over the trunk.During the formation of the skeletal branches are pruned and sopodchinyayut because the young plants tend to form gains of up to 1.5 m in length.Since the quince is very light, the second-order branches, which tend to thicken and darken the crown is formed only in the lower tier.From Volchkov shoots can be formed poluskeletnye and overgrowing branches, old branches of quince cut in the ring with sanitary pruning.

To make quince bush forms an annual tree pruned to a height of 50 cm from the ground, formed from selected branches of 4-5 as skeletal and conduct further formation of tree crowns in accordance with the methods already described.

Harvest: for use in quince need to collect food as late as possible in October or November, before the onset of frost, when the fruits begin to fall.

Use: is a valuable raw material for the canning industry, prepared from it jams, jellies, compotes, juice, used in pickled and dried.In fresh quince malosedobna, but it is good in any kind of processing.From it makes fragrant candied fruit to add flavor added to other types of processing of fruits and berries.

pectate quince is used for medicinal purposes.

Since yellow peel fruit is mostly covered with a grayish fuzz before eating quince should wipe a linen cloth.