Varieties of sweet cherries

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

with black and dark red fruits -

Daiber black Dneprovka, Jaboulay Napoleon black, Gaucher Aprelka, Gedelfinger, Black Eagle, Melitopol black.Victory - tuposerdtsevidnoy large fruit shape, skin is dark red, glossy, dark red flesh, juicy, dense, sweet with a slight tartness.Stone is a small, well separated from the pulp.

Valery Chkalov - the fruits are large, heart-shaped, skin is dark wine-red, shiny.Flesh is dark red, juicy, dense, sweet with a subtle refreshing acid.Stone is the average, is easily separated from the pulp. with yellow and cream-colored fruits -Drogana yellow oxen heart, Gold, Exhibition, Amber, Beauty Kuban.

With white fruits - Simferopol white, white Napoleon etc.

Beauty -. large heart-shaped fruit, the main color of light yellow berries, the coating - blush.Pulp crepe medium density, juicy, sweet with a touch of fresh acidity.Stone is a small, well separated. Festival - average heart-shaped fruit, the main color of skin cream, the coating color of bright p

ink.Flesh is creamy, sweet, juicy, sweet with a subtle acid.Stone is a small, easily separated.

Pruning: cherry trees have a strong trunk, strong skeleton with strong skeletal branches with a distinct longline placing on trunks, especially the branches of the first and second order, which the majority of grades extend at an angle 40-50 °.The shape of the crown can be different: a pyramid, shirokoraskidistoy, spherical.Cherries have formed mainly sparsely-tiered crown and cupped, like cherries.Sparsity-tiered crown to create varieties with good branching and form her from 5- 6 major skeletal branches.The first tier 3 leave the first-order branches, two of which may be located adjacent, and the third should be higher than the first two 15-20 cm. The second tier 2 left branch.The second tier is placed at a distance of not less than 70 cm from the bottom of the first tier.Over the 2 branches of the second tier form a single branch at a distance of 30 cm from them.The central conductor in this case cut through the last year after the formation of a single branch.It is important in the formation of the crown of cherries pay special attention to the corners of the discharge of the branches, as the wood is quite brittle and broke off at

branches formed a deep wound on the entire length of the trunk to the soil, which often leads to disease and even the death of the tree.The most desirable angle of divergence of the branches 45-50 °.Not allowed whorled arrangement of branches.Poluskeletnye branch crown formed by two branches in the lower tier They should be placed at least 50 cm from the trunk, and from each other.Poluskeletnye branch better form of the branches, with an inclined position, or give them a position garter.When forming the cup-shaped crown above the trunk lay the 4-5 skeletal branches.Sweet cherries as cherries, are prone to strong growth in the first 5 years, and form long annual growth, which is necessary to shorten, leaving no more than 40-50 cm length.On young trees used silnovetvyaschihsya summer pruning of shoots, the TTS to accelerate crown formation and increasing yields.This is due to the fact that the branches of long flower buds are formed in the middle of the branches, summer pruning after their number increases, while also increasing saturation buketnye branches.To form branches pruning poluskeletnyh performed as soon as the shoots reached 70 cm in length, they are shortened to 20 cm, taking into account the subordination shoots.Shoots that are not used i forming the skeleton of the crown, shorten!to a length of 20-30 cm. Kroon cherries also need to be shortened to a height of 4-5 m undercutting the skeletal branches of the external branch.

wounds after pruning should be treated to gloss over the garden pitch, since there is plenty of cherries GUMMOSIS.

Harvest: cherries harvested only when fully ripe fruit (it is, of course, depends on the ripening varieties grown).A soft heart-shaped cherries harvested when it is not yet ripe polnostk.

Use: cherry berries - the best summer treat, they are used mainly in fresh form, but also by the preservative and cook compotes.In addition, the fruit cherries or have a number of medicinal properties.PLO rows of cherries contains biologically active substances such as coumarin, oksikuma widths that reduce blood clotting bridges, prevents the formation of blood clots, and amygdalin, helps not apart, pain in the stomach and other diseases s.Fatty oil contained in the bones

can have technical application and essential oil used in perfumery and liqueur production.


Overview: drain occurred as a result of natural hybridization of plum and sloe in the Caucasus.In the same since ancient times introduced into the culture in Central Asia and Europe, where the cultural spread plums, cultivated for over 2000 years.Plum lives for over 50 years.Up-sol early, in 5-7 years, and gives full .rozhay abundant fruits of 20-30 years.On the origin and properties of plum fruits are divided into groups, which are sometimes treated as separate botanical species: plum egg, Hungarian, greengage, mirabelle and damson.

damson is a small tree, rarely shrub with dark blue fruit.It does not have great variability, characterized by endurance, undemanding to care and fertility.

The culture has a form of Damascena with small fruits round or oval black, blue, yellow or white.Form titled Mirabell has a golden-yellow round fruit, sweet to the taste.Valuable in economic terms is a kind of plum plum . It grows in the form of a thorn tree height of 8 m or more.The fruits are round, various colors (from light yellow to dark red).

Requirements: drain - enough thermophilic, cold winters, when the temperature drops below -30 ° C, causing significant damage to the trees plum, ^ Lebanon also very demanding on the conditions of the litany.The level of groundwater in the selected chastke should be no higher than 1.5 m. 3 Otherwise, it is desirable to raise the ground by 40-50 cm or landing carried out on the hill.With the development of a new section of the soil dug up with a preliminary introduction to the area zsey lime at the rate of 400-500 g / m2.1liva grows well in light nutritious -ochve with sufficient lime, bad - on a clean hard clay.One - chastke should be planted at least 3 varieties; Livonians, then will be provided with cross gpylenie and high yield.Planting plum tuchshe spend spring.

Composition: plum fruits rich in sugars, vitamins C, Bx (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), Sun & gt;

(folic acid), E (tocopherol), P (Flavio-nolovye glycosides), PP (nicotinic acid), organic acids (malic and citric), potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, manganese, cobalt andother substances.

rootstocks for plum:

seedlings varieties Hungary's Moscow, Evra-Zia 21, Nikolskaya yellow, red Skorospelka, Greengage the farm.

clonal rootstocks varieties Eurasia-21, Skorospelka red.

dwarf rootstocks: VVA-1, a felt cherry seedlings.