August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers For Open Soil

greenhouses can be very different - from the most simple in the form of a wooden or metal frame covered with plastic wrap, until stationary made specially prefabricated and is more specific structures than structures, equipped with special equipment for heating, ventilation, additional exposure andeven automatic irrigation, so the plants can be grown in them almost all year round.The latter kind of greenhouses used more often in large household farms, lover, especially a beginner is unlikely to have to deal with them.

For the duration of operation of the greenhouse is divided into winter and spring.Usually, the winter are more thorough, and have a permanent seat, spring can be - "one-off" (a film on a wooden frame) or a portable, collapsible.

By type of translucent fence greenhouses are film (it is with them often have to deal with a lover), glazed and coated with hard plastics.With the latter, as a rule, deal professionals.Maximum "greenhouse" or "greenhouse effect" provides a glazing greenhouses.

Very well, if the greenhouse is equipped with curtains or open air vents - it will facilitate the hardening of plants.However, in all cases it is important that the greenhouse plants were tight and did not suffer from drafts that most often occurs in the glazed greenhouses.To do this, use special methods of sealing glazing

Construct greenhouses (especially large winter) best in sheltered locations pas well-lit areas with minimal bias.It is important that in the spring instead of protection from the cold has not turned out excess greenhouse overheating due to lower total light transmittance ( "too good - too bad!").Here optimum reach the correct orientation of the greenhouse relative to the sun and the structure of the form - in greenhouses with sloping side walls or uneven slopes of the roof (60 - 70 ° C in the southern slope, and 30 ° C in the north) is easier to achieve the desired optical and thermal modes.

as greenhouses can be used and the usual veranda facing windows on the south or south-east.