Endive and escarole

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Vegetable Plants

General: plant family Asteraceae, representing one of the varieties of lettuce tsikornogo.This is a very ancient culture from India.In Europe, they have been cultivated since the XVI century.endive and escarole are little known in our country.

Endive and escarole - biennial plants.Leaves in rosettes endive silnorassechennye, wavy, narrow at the Batavian - wide, goal-nokraynie, almost like in a salad.Stem erect, branched.Flowers in small-leaved, purple, have Batavian - blue or pink.

Requirements: plants tsikornogo salads grow well only in the humus-rich and relatively light soils, acid soils are not suitable for them.Cultures need regular watering, fertilizing weak solutions of fertilizers.Frosts take out only the small (up to 3 ° C).

Ingredients: rich in vitamin C.

Cultivation: sown endive and escarole in outdoor pound, when installed quite warm weather, as well as in greenhouses or in greenhouses in March-April, in rows or bands.Row spacing of 30 cm, the distance between lines of 20 cm between the

tapes -.. 0.5 cm Seeding depth 0.5-1 cm After 5-8 days the seedlings thinned, leaving the distance between them 23-25 ​​cm

Seedlings planted on.the same depth as it grew in the greenhouse, otherwise good head are formed.The area of ​​food should be at least 25 x 30 cm


From endive varieties we distributed Green curly and yellow curly.;Batavian - Barawa broadleaf and Rosabella.

Care: Liquid weekly feeding contribute to the rapid development of the plants and prevent them from bolting.The soil for growing constantly moisturize and loosened.

against fungal diseases helps dolomite flour.Young plants are vulnerable to attack snails, which resulted in their fall leaves.In view of the necessary safety measures.Particularly dangerous pest is a root louse sucking juices from the roots.Since it is more common near the poplars for planting should choose a location away from the trees.

Harvest: harvesting begins in October.For two weeks before the upper part of the outer leaves of a plant for bleaching linked together, which makes them more gentle and reduces bitterness.You can also choose to hide the roots of the plants with opaque material or burlap.BLEACH endive and escarole for 6 to 8 days.

plants Store in a well-ventilated area, dropwise with in moist soil or sand at a temperature of 1-2 ° C, where they are both bleached.

Usage: bleached leaves fresh endive and escarole are used for salads and green leaves stewed and served as a garnish for meat and fish dishes.