August 12, 2017 17:52 | Beauty Woman

Pedicure - one of the most important elements of your feet treatments.Often women ignore them, sure that on your toes few people pay attention, especially in the winter, fall and spring are generally hidden shoes.

In fact, everything, explaining his reluctance to engage in kicking shortage of free time, women in some way so cunning and try to justify their elementary laziness.In fact, if no one sees, why ... And it is not that someone would see or not see - a woman can not be a hundred percent woman, if her appearance admitted some flaws, whether it's untidy clothesor inaccurate toenails.Indeed, our pace of life is that there is not always a good time to do a pedicure at maetora in the cabin.Enough time to one to two months to carry out full treatment of the feet, and then just to maintain a neat and tidy appearance - agree that it will take only a few minutes a day.

According to Japanese medicine, located on the feet nerves, biologically active points, which are responsible for the work of all interna

l organs.Maybe that's why we love a foot massage - it is not only relaxing, but also makes the point of working hard, sending the necessary signals to the organs, adjusting them to a productive and smooth operation.

Well-groomed and beautiful legs - is the key, and health and good mood, and self-confidence.

word "pedicure" rooted in Latin (pedis - the foot, sige- care), so even in ancient times people have been concerned about the status and health of their feet, paying attention to personal hygiene.

Remember the phrase "Be sensible person can think about the beauty of nails" and be guided by it.

modern woman, accustomed to look after themselves, never go on a date, party or do not wear open sandals without a pedicure!If so, you open the toes to the public, bother to bring them into the proper form - pay very little attention to them, make them neat and attractive.

If you do not have time for a professional pedicure, we are willing to give a few tips that will help you to make yourself both classical and modern pedicure.This is not a difficult job, if master the basic techniques of the art, which you can then use on your own.Let's get started ...