Rubbish in our body

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Rubbish In Our Body

blockage of the body from the outside due to the environmental problem.Established following poisoning from outside sources that lead to energy imbalance:

- heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, etc...);

- radiation, petrochemicals, hydrocarbon gases;

- food chemical additives, toxic medications, pesticides, herbicides, etc .;.

- infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.).Poisoning from the outside is particularly acute when clogged colon, liver, kidneys and other internal organs and systems, poisoning the body from the inside, and that is especially important against the background of moral pollution.This reduces the energy potential and hence immunity.

environmental poisoning of heavy metals is the cause of all sorts of manifestations of allergy (including the skin), hair loss, metabolic disorders, etc.

radiation poisoning of the atmosphere adversely affects human:. Causes premature aging, degenerative changes in the endocrine system, anemia, arthritis, allergy, increased susceptibility

to bacterial diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancers (including leukemia and skin cancer).

poisoning the atmosphere of chemical products predisposes to diabetes and other diseases of the endocrine system, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, hair loss, impotence in men, termination of pregnancy in women, psychosis and schizophrenia, as well as to cancer.Glut

human organism toxic medication, particularly antibiotics, is the cause of the collapse of the immune system and as a result - the emergence of previously unknown viral and fungal infections;It can also lead to irreversible processes of mutation, especially its latent form.Currently, this phenomenon can not be adequately evaluated.

Harmful use of environmentally contaminated products, due to the vicious technology of their cultivation and processing.Poisoning these toxins can not always be identified.However, almost every one of us has been exposed to one or more of them.In order to get rid of exogenous intoxication should be a series of events: the detoxification product of any kind was poison, stimulating the process of restoration of damaged tissues and organs, and restore the balance of the immune system to protect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms, which attack the weakened body.Zubov and L. Stewart developed bioenergy human biofield correction formula to neutralize the negative energy of toxic substances, heavy metals, radiation, petrochemical products, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, etc .;for neutralization of negative energies of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms;creation of a system based on the Chinese teachings of the meridians, Indian Ayurveda and modern achievements of the German homeopathic schools Kern Pharma, allowing, prediction, prevention and correction at different pathology bioenergosistemy person (12 types).

offering you this book, we primarily pursue the goal to teach you calmly and with dignity to cross frontiers crisis age of 30-40, 10-50, 50-80 and 80 further years, arming you with knowledge, means to fight the signs of aging and confidencethat the years - this is not a disaster.

Each of us can learn to look and feel at 10-15 and even 20 years younger than their calendar age, as the calendar and the true energobiologichesky age - not the same thing, sometimes they are very strongly differ, and twenty years may look, feeland act like a little old, but sixty years old - as young.

reasons for this are many, and we'll talk about it.We sincerely want every woman, 365 days a year, was captivating and beautiful, such as the day of 8 March.But it is not easy In order to achieve real success in the preservation or creation of beauty, youth and health, harmony of body and soul (and these are inseparable concepts), you must believe in your doctor, take his medical and life philosophy.The doctor should be like a teacher in the broadest sense of the word.Normally, listening to a lecture or consultation with a specialist, women expect any special secrets of youth and beauty.Involuntarily the question arises: Do they have all these secrets?Can we call the solution of complex problems or gerontokosmetologii yuvenokosmetologii secrets?The point, of course, not in the title.But there are methods of complexes that give answers to the questions of interest to us.Cosmetologists have long

give recommendations on individual care for face and body, close to the capabilities of women workers, are always incredibly busy.This care for your face and body is mandatory for all.However, there are also cases in life when one such care, even systematic, is not enough.We will not be upset, in order and there are cosmetic establishments, where they treat and eliminate cosmetic diseases and deficiencies or defects - congenital formed with age, or obtained as a result of serious illness, operations, burns, injuries and other accidents that these defects are not mutilated bodyand the soul of man, do not interfere with being happy.

Currently, the level of cosmetic help such that almost no defects, which could not cope beauticians.But we will talk about those defects, which often faces everyone.The basis of all the secrets of youth, beauty and health - facial and body treatments, available to all, simple.Unfortunately, in our society is very low overall level of hygiene and aesthetic culture, culture of man's relationship to his own body.At the same time, each of us would have to know the ABC of hygiene, preventive or cosmetic.

What is your skin - normal, dry, dehydrated, dry, oily, oily dehydrated, mixed or combined?Attach a piece of tissue paper or paper towel to his face and get an answer - oily skin or dry.

that, depending on your skin type face her in the near future?

What can be opposed to unfavorable weather conditions and the profession that they did not cause cosmetic skin diseases, premature aging?

What means Hygienic cosmetics - soap, shampoo, creams, lotions and other - to use each of us individually?

All these questions and more on others you will find answers in this book.

But there is another important question - where do you take the time "for himself", for face and body?

deeply convinced that it devote about five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening, each of us can.And do not need to."Procedures" to help keep yourself in good shape, made in passing, on the go.You have time to wash my face and brush my teeth?Hence, on the other home beauty treatments should be enough time.

Each touch of the skin - is an element of the massage, the effect on nerve endings, embedded in the skin through which affects the central nervous system, and consequently, to all organs, tissues, body systems,

So, in the course of the, without allocation of special time, without difficulty and as if in passing, you can make a large number of beauty treatments, including different forms of massage.All these procedures have a positive impact not only in the place of their application to the skin, but also on the whole body, the internal organs and systems.

route from home to work - one of the convenient opportunity to do them.Go, squaring his broad shoulders and tucked his stomach, while reducing blades.And above his head, please refer to the most up to heaven.- And the posture and become - this is our way decorates.Gait should be light and, as they say, "from the hip" (meaning - less bend at the knees).Of course, it depends on the weight and on the exercise (by the way, and weight, as a rule, depends on us too).Walk, putting your feet right, and keep a straight back, and breathe correctly.In five or six steps - inhale, ten - exhale.Deeper, deeper, you inhale through your nose, letting a stream of air at the rear of the upper airway, breathing out - by mouth, by directing a jet of air also along the back wall of the upper respiratory tract.With a little training, you will easily accomplish this.

As a person looks - depends on him, but it is not indifferent and for those who are close by.Our appearance can make people happy, and can cause disgust, irritation, reduce mood and performance.

now fashionable to say: "Beauty will save the world", "Beauty - this is a public matter."But this also applies to categories such as youth and health.

Why do so many women have inferiority complexes associated with their appearance, or rather dissatisfaction with this appearance?Yes, because they do not take care of themselves, too lazy - yes, lazy, and to hide it, find an excuse often that they "no time", they are so busy that no more than ten minutes per day for thispurpose ... and the beauty - it is work, even for those who by nature has the perfect features and perfect body shape.Care is necessary for all.Groomed repulsive acts.

Feature outer beauty includes such important factors as health, grooming, fitness and mobility of the body, the harmony of all kinds of hand movements, legs, body, head, posture, gait, etc., as well as the charm and novelty (from here -.. Importantfashion role).But there is an obvious and hidden relationship and interdependence of health and youth, beauty, health - of youth and beauty, and beauty - of youth and of health.