August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Hydrotherapy is widely used in physical therapy for a long time and is now successfully used in the SPA-resorts.hydrotherapy procedures classified according to water temperature at cold (conventionally, with water temperatures below 25 ° C) and cool (temperature between 25 and 32 ° C), warm (temperature of 36 to 38 ° C) and hot (water temperatureabove 38 ° C).Intermediate water temperature from 34 to 35 ° C is considered to be indifferent.

hydrotherapy procedures are divided into two groups: general and local.

The first group hydrotherapy treatments include:

• shower all kinds;

• pouring all kinds;

• wiping of all kinds;

• wraps of all kinds (or wrapping);

• baths of all kinds (except for hand, foot, and sit-down);

• irrigation of all kinds;

• Warmer;

• compress etc.

Compress -. The most simple, elementary form of hydrotherapy is a special bandage, which is wetted with different liquids depending on the destination.The liquids used are different: water, hot or cold (or warm), medical solut

ions, vinegar (apple, wine, tea).Depending on the disease runs cold compress, hot, warming and medicines.

Procedure compress.Gauze moistened in water (cold or hot) or in the drug solution (or Apple vinegar solution, wine, tea), then gently squeeze (but that with her no dripping water or solution) and put in place impact (or the lesion,damage), on top put a special compress (or waxed) paper or plastic film, or medical oilcloth, then put cotton wool, cloth or flannel cloth and fasten with an elastic bandage.A cold compress is not thoroughly fixed, because it has to be changed frequently - 5-10 minutes.Warming a compress held fixed within a few hours and change in process of cooling.These compresses are used mainly in local inflammation, bruises, minor injuries and the consequences of traumatic injuries.

Rubbing - hydrotherapy treatment simpler method, in which the effect on the body is made waffle rough towel soaked in relatively cool water with a temperature of 30 to 32 ° C (or a special massage mitt large).Rubbing is performed common - Full or partial body - when exposed sequentially on separate parts of the body (legs, arms, etc.).General wiping is usually performed using soaked in water with a temperature of 30 to 32 ° C, coarse linen sheets, which wrap the patient and through the vigorous movements for 2-4 minutes, massage the body.After this wet sheet is replaced by a dry terry, quickly wipe the patient and wrapped him with a blanket, laid to rest.Rubbing is a refreshing, energizing hydrotherapy elementary procedure, in which improves blood circulation, trains the nervous system.

Pouring - elementary hydrotherapy procedure, carried out in order to improve blood circulation, increase vitality, training the nervous system.Pouring satisfied overall - full body, partial (local) of any part of the body, on the need arose.Pouring is done first with warm water with a temperature of 36- 38 ° C, the water temperature is gradually lowered to 22-20 ° C.The whole course of hydrotherapy when pouring is from 20 to 30 procedures.To enhance the effect of hydrotherapy in a bucket of water was added desyatilitrovoe glass table iodized salt (about 150 g).Sick pour water gradually picking bucket water (with salt), then plain water and immediately rubbed energetic massage, using a large wafer or a linen towel.Local pouring rarely used, mainly the lower extremities to stimulate blood circulation in various diseases.

Total damp wrapping - a type of elementary hydrotherapy, which achieves:

• Stimulation of metabolic processes in the human body;

• regulation of the nervous system in the form of hypersthenic neurasthenia;

• low body temperature in febrile patients.

The same procedure is also called wrap (eg, anti-cellulite body wrap).This procedure is carried out by wet sheets moistened with water temperature 20-22 ° C and then wrung out.Over wrap wet sheets produce a warm blanket.The duration of this procedure is 25 to 55 minutes.Depending on the duration of the procedure in the process of hydrotherapy allocate 3 period.The first period is characterized by increased heart rate, and respiratory depression.

Such a procedure is assigned:

• febrile patients (as a tonic);

• astenikov;

• rekonvalestsentam.

Its duration is 15 to 20 minutes.

second procedure, the period begins after 20 minutes of exposure, while because of the alignment of the skin temperature and the adjacent sheets is terminated sharp temperature irritation and appears calming effect on the nervous system, causing drowsiness and even sleep.Therefore, in some cases, the hydrotherapy procedure prescribed for sleeplessness, increased excitability of the nervous system, and even at the first stage of hypertension.

third period wet wrapping procedure (or wraps) begins after exposure procedures over 40 minutes while the temperature of the sheet and the skin increases, which is accompanied by sweating.This phenomenon is used to perform various procedures in hydrotherapy metabolic disorders in the body, obesity (and cellulite), gout and detoxification (poisoning in some forms of toxic substances).Procedures for general wet wraps (or wraps) designate a strictly based on the individual patient.