shower Treatment

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Soul different species are highly effective method of hydrotherapy used in physical therapy for a long time.In the procedures of any kind soul to the body of the patient is sent under pressure from a stream or a lot of small streams of water.Water is supplied from a common water system through a special unit - the shower chair, which has a remote control operation of different types of showers.With the help of the control panel regulates the temperature and pressure of water directed on the patient's body.

If used shorter cold and hot showers (the duration of exposure - from 2 to 3 minutes), then there is an increase in muscle tone, blood vessels, is a stimulating influence.

Application warm showers exposure duration from 3 to 10 minutes, has a calming effect.

Sharko shower (struevoy shower) is indicated for metabolic disorders (obesity as a I-III degree and cellulite) is a powerful jet of water supplied to the patient's body using a special rubber-tipped hose from a distance of 3.5-4 m under a pr

essure of 2.5 to 4 atm.Total for the entire course of treatment prescribed by 15 to 20 treatments with the duration of exposure of 2 to 5 minutes.The temperature of the water used in the procedures of Charcot shower gradually reduced from 35 ° C to 25-20 ° C.

Indications showers are:

• metabolic disorders;

• obesity, cellulite;

• gastrointestinal disease in the early stage of development;

• functional disorders of the nervous system;

• some diseases of the cardiovascular system, and others.

Fan shower is an analogue struevoy, only if the procedures (indications for use are the same and struevoy) with the help of a special device attached to the jet shape of a fan.

Shower Scottish (used for hydrotherapy with ancient times) is characterized by the influence of water temperature changes, first within 30-40 with served hot (temperature between 38 and 45 ° C), and then 15 to 20 is supplied with a relatively cold spraywater (temperature 15 to 25 ° C).Total for the course of hydrotherapy administered 15 to 20 treatments lasting from 2 to 3 minutes each, and the temperature difference from procedure to procedure gradually increased and by the end of the course can be from 30 to 35 ° C.This shower is assigned two types: general or local, depending on the diagnosed disease and localization of the foci.In functional disorders of the nervous system applies Scottish shower, and rain (in the form of a stream of small streams of water flowing from a plurality of holes of a special diffuser, like rain);Needle (water is pumped under pressure through a small hole in a thin tube with a pointed end) - causing a sense of injections;dust - to the patient's body does not get a drop or a stream of water, but only a tiny fraction of them in the form of mist.This affect is achieved by using a special spray.The duration of one treatment is from 2 to 5 minutes, water is supplied at a pressure of 1 to 1.5 atm.Total for the entire course of hydrotherapy administered from 15 to 20 procedures that take place every day (barring unforeseen complications).

soul listed above used for a general or local effects at different temperatures, depending on the medical examination revealed by diseases.

Circular shower - high performance hydrotherapy procedure, appointed in the states with the weakening of the nervous processes (especially in asthenic conditions, during the period of convalescence) in the human body.This shower is a structure of metal pipes, in which numerous small holes are made on their inner surface.This shower water is fed under high pressure - from 2 to 5 atm.As a result of the impact of water on the body there is a pronounced irritation of the nerve endings of the skin.Total for the entire course of treatment prescribed for 10 to 20 treatments are carried out every day or every other day.During the execution of the first procedure used the water temperature from 34 to 35 ° C and then gradually decreased to 26-25 ° C.The duration of each procedure set strict individually.

Shower ascending (crotch) is similar in its parameters a rain, it is prescribed for hydrotherapy pelvic diseases (eg, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, bedwetting).The water in this shower is supplied from the bottom up to the crotch area.Duration procedures, their total amount, the water temperature is prescribed strictly individually, taking into account the results of medical examination (both established and the pressure of feed water).

Underwater shower massage has been applied for the first time for hydrotherapy in the early East Germany, where the unit "UVM-Tangentor-8" was created.This device is mounted in a small metal enclosure with casters to move to any bath (including ordinary, installed in homes) or small pool.The unit "Tagentor-UVM-8" is created by a pump water pressure of 3-4 atm (maximum pressure of 8 atm).For the convenience of the procedures required free access from all sides for the bath or pool.Water is fed into the bath or pool with a temperature of 35 to 38 ° C, the jet carries a body massage.During the first massage effects common front surface of the body and then back.This procedure combines hydrotherapy thermal effects of water jets with a massage effect.Assign an underwater shower-massage:

• traumatic injuries;

• diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, peripheral nervous system.