Treatment of dyspeptic pain folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

dyspeptic pain is one of the most important signals, indicative of a lack of water in the body.This suggests that the body is experiencing particularly acute thirst, the pain of this nature can occur not only in old, but at a young age.According to the "water" theory, by far the main cause of gastrointestinal disease is chronic dehydration.

From dyspeptic pain accompanying diseases such as duodenal ulcer and gastritis can be cured by using water alone.If there is a plague, should determine the amount of fluid intake, and then proceed to treatment.This will speed up the process of scarring ulcers.

According to recent studies in this area, 12% of patients with dyspepsia, problems with the duodenum begins at 6 years old.In 30% of the ulcer appears after 10 years, and the most "resistant" 40% - over 27 years.The value has only dyspeptic pain, which people do not pay attention to, as long as during endoscopy it did not find an ulcer.

That pain characteristic of peptic ulcer disease, leads a person to the d

octor.She paid a lot of attention, although the state which is seen through the endoscope can have a variety of names.The most common diagnosis of "indigestion."In this condition of the tissues of the internal organs is a "visual aid" negative changes caused by a single factor - the lack of water in the body.

At a certain stage, our body starts badly in need of water, which nothing can replace, including medications.This confirms the link between bodies and brains dehydrated, sending alarm signals in the form of pain.That is why local anesthetics in a "beautiful" day cease to give the desired effect.But everything changes after regular intake of water: pain pass, because the brain stops sending worrying signals about its shortage.

During the experiments it was found out that when a person drinks a glass of water, she immediately enters the small intestine and absorbed.However, after half an hour the same amount of water returned to the stomach, which is involved in the digestion of food.The process of digestion of solid food is highly dependent on the amount of water you drink.When it is diluted with sufficient gastric acid abundantly wet food, then enzymes are activated, whereby the liquid food becomes homogeneous mass transported into the small intestine for further digestion.

inner stomach wall covered with slime, which is 98% water and only 2% - mucin, able to hold her.Cells located directly beneath the mucus produced sodium bicarbonate.In the case of penetration of the gastric juice in the protective layer of sodium bicarbonate immediately neutralize its constituent acid.The result of this reaction is to separate salt.However, an excess of the latter may adversely affect mucin property to retain water.Thus, in the dehydrated body is too strong neutralizing acid to form large amounts of salt, which is deposited in excess gastric mucus, making it viscous and heterogeneous.As a result, stomach acid, getting on the mucosal layer, causing pain.If

body begins to receive a sufficient amount of water in the mucous layer of the stomach hydration occurs, resulting salt is washed out, and a new layer is formed in its place mucus.Thick and sticky mucus barrier is now updated to fulfill its functions in full force.This means that the efficiency of the mucosal barrier depends on the amount of water consumed, particularly when taking solid food.So water can most natural way to protect the stomach from excess acid.

should also be aware that "the pain of hunger," ie, stomach signal a lack of food, is very similar to the signal "pain of thirst."However, such a state we call dyspepsia and treat a variety of drugs.The outcome of this "treatment" sad: as a result of dehydration affects the stomach and duodenum tissue.

Clinical trials of Swedish scientists have demonstrated to the world that the state of people with typical symptoms of dyspepsia, and lack of gastric and duodenal ulcers showed no effect of the drug from the group of antacids and antihistamines.However, at a stage where the signals of dehydration is already being felt dyspeptic pain, particularly effective water treatment and abstinence from drugs.

Water will help in the case, if the plague has already formed.Regular its admission would bring relief and ulcer zarubtsuetsya over time with an appropriate diet.In medicine today is widely believed that stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers are formed as a result of infection.But those bacteria that are considered culprits of ulcers, are actually bacteria, commensals, that is, in the normal state of the organism, they are involved in the digestive process and produce the necessary vitamins.Therefore, if the body is completely healthy, these microorganisms are able to make it even stronger.But if he is dehydrated, the bacteria immediately make themselves felt.

If you have dyspeptic pain is important to understand that their localization in the stomach does not mean that only dehydrated digestive organs.Lack of water affects the whole body.At the same time can be related pain and gastric tumors.But after the water intake are not tested.If after a few days of regular intake of water dyspepsia is not passed, then you urgently need to consult a gastroenterologist.