Allergy and Asthma Treatment folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Different types of allergies and asthma occur when increased production of histamine, which is a regulator of the distribution and exchange of water.In patients with asthma increased histamine content in the lung tissue, which disrupts the normal contraction of the bronchial muscles.And since it is a light water vaporization occurs, bronchial spasm induced by histamine automatically reduces evaporation, while maintaining the water for other organic processes.

Histamine is a transmitter, which in addition to the functions of water control, takes part in the anti-virus system, bacteria and foreign substances.If the water in the body is enough, all of these processes are invisible to humans.Dehydration immune system releases too much histamine, therefore, its action causes a lot of side effects.

According to the "water" of the theory, with an increase rate of water consumption levels of histamine in the blood falls.This occurs 7-28 days after the beginning of the "water regulation".If the body is not enou

gh water, the concentrated blood reaching the lungs, automatically calls the local production of histamine, which causes a spasm of the bronchi.Therefore, asthma and other manifestations of allergy (hay fever, hives, etc.) Should increase the amount of water consumed.

The most important thing is not to overdo it: in a few days is simply impossible to counteract the damage caused by the body for years.To begin with you should drink per day for 8-10 glasses of water until such time as the body is not fed with moisture.But the consumption of juices, especially orange, you need to be limited to 1-2 glasses a day.The fact that orange juice contains a lot of calcium, trace mineral and this stimulates histamine.There are

.one important point: the salt in our body plays a very important role.If it lacks water, it retains the salt, which, in turn, must retain water.In some people, these mechanisms are ineffective.In addition, few of us seriously interested in the physiological problems of the body and it has sufficient knowledge in the field of nutrition, in particular fashion salt-free diet.As a result of this diet, some people have salt deficiency, symptoms of which are the symptoms that are very similar to the symptoms of dehydration (eg, joint pain or muscle spasms of the bronchi, and so on.).We should not forget that the salt - a natural antihistamine, so people suffering from various kinds of allergies, should increase the amount of salt intake.

As for water, it is necessary for light, so that they can be stored in their passages necessary moisture.Under conditions of water scarcity from drying pulmonary prohody- protects the mucus.But there comes a time when the mucus becomes larger, it accumulates in the passages and let air into the airways.To liquefy the mucus, requires sodium salt.However, in terms of water scarcity, the mechanism of salt preservation, which does not allow it to flow liquefaction of sputum.Thus, the body needs to maintain and salt, and water, and only then relax the muscles of the bronchi and sputum becomes liquid and easy to remove.

terms of "water" theory, asthma - is not a disease requiring treatment.It's just the body's adaptation to the conditions of chronic dehydration with a lack of salt.Suffice it a little pinch of salt after drinking a glass of water, and the brain will command easy to expand the bronchial tubes.