August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Many diseases occur in humans as a result of a chronic lack of water.

Do not forget that at different stages of life, our body undergoes a series of chemical reactions.With the right knowledge, you can change the part of the reaction, but do not rely on the fact that you can change everything, starting to drink a day for 5 liters of water.The fact that our body cells are strongly reminiscent of a sponge, and, before they are engorged with water, it will take some time.Furthermore, certain cell membranes poorly water is passed, not only inside but also outside.

If your kidneys are not affected by chronic dehydration, you do not have to worry about: the allotted amount of water you will not be able to damage.In that case, if the kidneys too long to pass through itself harmful substances accumulated by the body due to dehydration period, you need to be especially careful.

Note: can not immediately give up drugs, and instead start drinking water.First you need every day to fix the amount of water you ha

ve drunk, and the amount of separated urine.Add new portion of water to the normal daily allowance can only be 1-2 glasses per day.The volume of urine it is necessary to control if he is gradually increasing, so it is possible to increase the rate and water.

When well-functioning kidney Water is the ideal diuretic.

Taking water, contact your doctor and ask him to monitor the condition of your body until you adjust the diet and the rate of water consumption.If the doctor does not understand what you're driving it, please provide information about the origin of the problems associated with chronic dehydration.

sake to hold water, your body is forced to retain and table salt.In order to remove excess salt required to gradually increase the volume of urine.With the lack of urinary output and edema need to watch closely to ensure that the amount of fluid you consumed corresponded to the volume of urine.After swelling of the legs and eyelids will fall, water intake can be resumed.

not worth the risk and take the water, ignoring the swollen eyelids and legs, as the next step may be pulmonary edema, which is fraught with serious consequences.To prevent this side effect, start to use the water must be gradually replacing its usual coffee and tea.