Prevention of various diseases folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

about the healing properties of the water people knew already in ancient times.Water procedures are simple, accessible and effective, they do not require any sophisticated equipment or large time or financial costs.

In Ancient Russia are also well aware of the properties of water to cure many diseases.It was believed that it "casts from all filthiness of the person", for which "spoiled" to dip into the water with his head so that "none of his hair did not stay dry»,

Water - a great gift of nature, can not do without it.It washes away the dirt, refreshes, invigorates and brings relief.After a cool shower away fatigue, and a warm bath is capable of capturing the pain.Water can wash the infected wound.Water treatments stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the body.

80% of our body is water, it is important to come all the biochemical processes of the body.It is involved in the transmission and absorption of heat transporting organic material and gases.Most degenerative diseases associated with lack

of water in the body, and its regular intake and water treatment normalizes blood circulation and cleanse the body of toxins.

rubdown, pouring, wraps, baths, showers and other water treatments are not only clean the skin but also dilates blood vessels and remove them from cramping.Thus, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are cleared, metabolic processes are accelerated, which contributes to the suppression of vital activity of bacteria and viruses.

With the help of medical and preventive procedures nutrients from the skin get into the body.Hot tubs and steam compresses relax the muscles and ligaments, that increases the range of motion in the joints.Cold douches and wiping activates thermoregulatory mechanisms and facilitate adaptation to the adverse environmental conditions.In contrast shower improves blood microcirculation, in addition, the blood, flushing the skin and then "leaving" deep into the body, it flushes out toxins and other harmful substances.

Hydrotherapy has been taken into service and traditional medicine has become very popular in the XIX century, after the book was published in German healer and priest Sebastian Kneipp.After reading this work, thousands of people have learned about the benefits of body wraps, wiping packs and medical baths.

As for oriental medicine, then, for example, yoga fans include water treatment facilities to the so-called external cleansing and give them very important.The human skin is a lot of sebaceous and sweat glands, which excrete excess fluid, toxins, formed as a result of metabolic processes.The sebaceous glands continuously produce oil, lubricating the skin and not allowing it to dry.If the skin does not clear in time, the glands function violated, besides the accumulated organic matter on the skin will give food to microbes, many of which cause all sorts of diseases.

healthy skin - the largest organ - is no less important than, for example, the health of the heart, liver or kidney problems.Moreover, it was she who protects our body from the external environment and helps them to adapt to adverse conditions.

According to the yoga canon, wash the body is necessary for all people at least once a day.Job here does not matter.And the cleansing of the body they believe is not only hygienic procedure, but also a means of stimulating the immune and nervous systems, as well as to strengthen them, that promotes the health of the whole organism.As well as the traditional doctors, yoga referred to as tempering procedures pouring, sponging, bathing and shower.

wiping yoga uses 2 towels of rough linen fabric.Thus one they moisten with water, and triturated other skin dryness.These towels are well remove dead skin cells and stimulate microcirculation.The water temperature is recommended to lower gradually, as this procedure should always be fun.

Pouring considered a loading procedure, and should be carried out not before you have mastered rubdown.Yoga pour the whole body at once.If the water is too cold, they hold their breath after exhalation.After the procedure, you can wipe the body with a rough towel or do without it.In an urban environment the easiest way to take a shower, which is essentially a form of perfusion.

But the best view water yoga procedures consider bathing and swimming in open water.Of course, in India swim at any time of year can bring only a pleasure, but the climatic conditions of central Russia in the winter it is "fun" can afford only a "walrus".

In general, the impact of water treatment is based on the contrast of the water temperature and body temperature.In this case the duration of exposure to the cold water does not allow the body to adapt to the cold indefinitely.After bathing the whole body should feel warm.Do not just leave the cold hands and feet: the body after bathing should be rubbed until until they become warmer.

an important role in the treatment of water play and local procedures, such as baths for arms and legs, compresses, inhalations, etc. When exposed to a specific area of ​​cold or hot water vessels react only to the extent that undergoes therapy.Thus, warming the pit of the stomach, it is possible to achieve the expansion of the stomach and forehead cooling - narrowing of cerebral vessels.

With water can cure a variety of illnesses ranging from colds and ending with metabolic disorders.Water prevents premature aging and chronic fatigue syndrome, but with a serious approach to hydrotherapy is necessary to consult a doctor, as the majority of water treatment does not apply to sanitary and treatment methods is having contraindications.