Therapeutic and preventive water treatment

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Most people believe that unlike medication water no side effects and is not able to do much harm.However, the treatment of water necessary to proceed with caution.It should take into account the overall health and age, as well as predisposition to various diseases for

.If, for example, often ill person begins to be treated with water, dived into the hole, it is unlikely to lead to positive results.

to your body you need to listen and try to correctly assess its possibilities: if some procedures, such as pouring, instead of relief brings nothing but trouble, it is better to start with something easier, but from douches to take time off as you approach themnot ready yet.It is not necessary to carry out tempering procedures during colds.And at the beginning of the treatment is not sponge oneself down from the water below 14 ° C, especially if you are young or do you already have any chronic systemic disease.

procedures with cold water should be carried out only when your body is a little "cooled down" af

ter a walk, but not when it has overheated.However, we must not allow complete cooling of the skin, or cold water does not include mechanisms of thermoregulation and body will hypothermia, which is fraught with colds.If the body is greatly overheated, cold showers will lead to spasm of blood vessels.

With regard to the time of the water treatment, then, for example, cold water before going to bed should be avoided, since it is highly invigorating.Do not start the healing procedure and after exposure.If you come from the street froze, then you first need a good warm up and only then do water treatments.If you feel tired, you first need to have a rest and only then proceed to hydrotherapy.

After receiving a cold shower or bath is necessary to the whole body dried up, and the temperature rose to normal.Therefore, doctors recommend at the end of the procedure to do gymnastics or walking.This exercise should last at least an hour.