Walking barefoot as a folk remedy

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Walking barefoot is very useful to the same procedure easier and more affordable this is hard to imagine.Especially useful walk on wet grass, no matter whether it is the dew whether its rain soaked or simply poured out of its tube.The more wet grass and the longer you are walking on it, the better will be the results of the hardening process.such walking time may be from 15 to 45 minutes, and after you've finished, do not need to wipe their feet, and should be immediately put on shoes.

Traditional medicine also recognizes the benefits brought by walking barefoot, as this procedure can help prevent not only colds but such terrible diseases as hypertension, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.Scientists have noticed this phenomenon: if human legs happened to be in the water temperature of about 12 ° C, the nasal mucosa is also gradually begins to "grow cold."This reaction is particularly strong if the water temperature is 4 ° C.As a result of thermal shock a person usually gets cold.

However, after regular water treatments, or rather, foot baths with water temperature 12-14 ° C, the temperature of the nasal mucosa in adverse conditions ceases to drop, and catarrhal phenomena in humans is not observed.This is because the repetition irritate the skin forms a conditioned reflex, which stimulates the body's response to favorable.Thus, systematically carried out the procedure with cold water cause the body to keep the skin warm.In addition, walking barefoot causes thickening of the outer layer of skin on the feet, which is why they become less sensitive to cooling.Thus, physicians have found empirically that stop short cooling using water temperature of 10 ° C improves the overall body temperature by 0,2-0,4 °.However, over time, contribute to hardening of the normalization of body temperature, and its vibrations are gradually disappearing.

Walking barefoot on the wet grass, as we have already mentioned, not only quenched the body, but also have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and many internal organs.The key is that in this procedure, there is a massage active points on the feet and responsible for the work of many organs:.. Heart, eye, stomach, kidney, brain, etc. This kind of stop acupressure produced naturally.

enthusiasts are advised to go walking barefoot in the snow.However, many modern people can not do it, but walking barefoot on wet grass at his dacha is acceptable.Immunocompromised people and young children can be advised to walk barefoot through the apartment.To begin the procedure better in the summer, walking around the room on the first day for 15 minutes, then add daily for 5 minutes, until the total duration of the procedure reaches 1 hour.If at first your feet are cold, you can wear cotton socks.About a month later, you will already be able to walk barefoot in the country or in the garden.

But the most useful thing to walk on the dewy grass, so traditional healers, traditional physicians advise walks barefoot in the mornings and evenings when dew falls on the grass.

is important to ensure that, to put on after walking barefoot shoes were dry, otherwise the procedure will not be useful and will contribute to hypothermia and cold.

more useful to walk barefoot in the summer of wet stones or sand.In this case, you get a full session of acupressure.This excellent opportunity should not be missed, if you choose to relax on the beach.

You can also lay out the path of the stones at the country and even in the yard.In this case, before the walk you need to pour water on the stones from a watering can or hose, and then start the procedure.Depending on fitness and your health walking on wet rocks can last from 3 minutes to an hour.

No need to despair if you are forced to stay all summer in the city "beach" procedure for feet can be done at home.It's enough to pour a river pebbles in a plastic or metal bowl with a flat bottom, fill with cold water, stones - and your "trainer" will be ready for use.Duration of treatment - from 1 minute and up to a half hour.In addition, you will have lots of advantages: walking in place on the wet stones, you can practice all year round.

addition of sand and stones, very useful walk on water.This procedure not only hardens the foot, but the whole body, activating blood circulation, improving the work of the bladder, kidney, stomach and other organs.Walking on water rid of headaches, breathing easier and improves sleep.This procedure can be executed on not only by the sea or rivers, but also in the bath.To do this, you need to dial it with cool water and perform leg movements, overcoming the resistance of the water.

To start the water level in the tub you must reach to the ankles.Then you can increase the amount of water that it reaches to the calves.A little later, pour a full bath, so that the water reaches you almost to the knees.At first, the length of "walks" should be 1 minute, then the procedure increase up to 5-6 minutes.

water temperature must be gradually lowering, and in winter it is possible to add a bit of snow.After this procedure, it is necessary to move in summer - a walk in the fresh air in the winter - walk around the room in which the open window.Walking should be as long as the legs are not warm the.

listed above tempering procedures, you were doing in the summer, will prepare you to walk on snow and hoarfrost during the autumn-winter period.The main preparatory procedures must be cold baths for feet or damp wiping them.Wiping feet need at night, using a rough towel soaked with water temperature 18-22 ° C.The temperature should be on a daily basis to lower by 1 ° C.After that, your body will be ready for tougher methods of hardening.

As for walking on snow, it is best to opt for this newly fallen crumbly and soft snow, not frozen lumps or ice.In winter, you can not walk barefoot in those days, when a strong wind blows, the spring, the wind can not hurt you, so by the melting snow you can walk safely.The duration of the first walks through the snow should not exceed 4 minutes.Subsequently, when the body gets used to the effects of the cold, you can walk in the snow for an hour or more.It is important to know that during these trips you need to be in constant motion: stop to with someone to talk to, is unacceptable.

Do not walk in the snow when you are cold.First you need to make a set of warm-up exercises, and then proceed to the hardening process.Walking in the snow are forbidden with abscesses on the legs or severe sweating of the feet.

As for places to walk, they can serve as a balcony or a bathtub.In order to "walk" through the snow, bring enough snow to the street, put it in the bath and walk on it.First tempering procedure should last no longer than 1 minute.Then "walk" time can be gradually increased.The described method is conveniently tempered sickly children.Walking on snow activates the heart, improves blood circulation and the work of other organs and systems.

After each walk you need to rub your feet a rough towel and make massage the calf muscles, using classical techniques of stroking, kneading and rubbing.Foot massage should last for 10-15 minutes.