Wet wiping hardening

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Wet wiping - one of the most common water treatment.This method is used both as a quench and therapeutic for various diseases.All wiping divided into general and local.

In general wiping is necessary to put the patient into a tub or basin with warm water and wrap it with wet sheets moistened with water and wrung out.The water temperature at the first procedure should not be below 30 ° C, then every day it needs to be reduced by 1 ° C, while the thermometer will not show 18-20 ° C.During the procedure to do massage, namely grinding, which is performed on top of the sheets.You need to rub the body until the patient will not sense heat (1-3 minutes).

wiping procedure can be carried out without assistance.To do this, rub the whole body wet linen towel, a washcloth or a special glove.The water intended for wetting the towels, or alcohol can be added common salt.

If sponging spend sick or impaired person, it must be partial: in the arms, legs, chest and back act individually, whereas the other part of the b

ody covered with a blanket.Partial wiping need to wrap or cover the area of ​​the body with a wet towel, then rub the skin on top of it a special glove.

With regard to prohibitions, then wiping, especially general, is not recommended during the chill or after exposure.Also, you need to make sure that during the procedure in the room was not draft.

Rubbing can be combined with a stream of water.In this case, the amount of water at 10-20 liter pouring limit (1-2 buckets).The temperature of water intended for pouring must be somewhat lower than the temperature of the water used for wiping (at 1-2 ° C).After a combined procedure should be well rub body dry sheets.Rubbing the body has a refreshing and toning effect.It improves metabolic processes in the body and increases blood circulation.Wiping can also be used to lower the temperature is too high, and for the prevention of colds, diseases ENT organs and the autonomic nervous system.

When local wet wiping exposures are only a few areas of the body.