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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Contrast shower stimulates the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems.In addition, it invigorates and activates protective functions of the body, as an abrupt change in temperature causes it to mobilize all its capabilities.This procedure, as well as any contrast effect is used for chronic fatigue, heart disease, neuralgia, rheumatism, diabetes, anemia, migraine, kidney and blood vessels, and so on. D. However, for people suffering from vascular dystonia, hypertension, thrombophlebitis and cerebral ischemiaYou can carry out this procedure only after a detailed consultation with the doctor.

At home, when receiving a contrast shower first you need to throw the entire body of water suitable for your temperature, then you need to raise the temperature to the maximum extent possible, after about 30 seconds of hot tap should be closed and to wash the whole body with cold water for 20-30 seconds.Then you need to open the hot water and bring it to its maximum temperature, then pour cold again.However, the s

econd time under cold shower should stand a little longer - from 1 to 2 minutes.To complete the procedure you need, quickly poured over the body with hot water, and then replacing it briefly with cold shower.

Douches considered a common procedure that impact on the entire body.So do not linger and focus on specific areas.

transition from hot to cold shower should be only 3, and complete the procedure should always be cold water.It is necessary to ensure that under a cold shower you will not feel a chill.Spraying the whole body, do not forget to moisten the face.

At first, when receiving a contrast shower, you can use the following scheme:

1. Warm water (at this time the body gets used to the effects of water).

2. Hot water (only until nicely).

3. Cold water (for 20-30 seconds).

4. Hot water (for 20-40 seconds).

5. Cold water (1-2 minutes).

6. Hot water (20-60 seconds).

7. Cold water (only until nicely).

There is another way of taking contractual soul : turn on the hot water and stand under it.After 10-15 seconds, close the hot tap, turn on the cold water and pour it on as 10-15 seconds.Repeat this cycle 3 times, finally poured over the body with cold water.

to contrast soul need to get used gradually.The first 2-4 weeks the water temperature should be pleasant for the body, and only then you can move on to the contrasting soul, making a transition from hot to cold water.cold water exposure time should be limited to 10 seconds.This procedure should be taken for 7-14 days, after which you can go to the contrasting soul with two transitions, and so on. D.

can begin to carry out the whole scheme as a whole, but to weaken the temperature difference and not to pour hot and cold, and cool and warmwater.This douche is recommended to use weak or sick people.

healthy people after a period of addiction can not simply pour cold and icy water, the results were more pronounced hardening.However it happens and so that, bringing cold water to a temperature of 19-20 ° C, people are starting to get cold and get sick.But it does not mean that douche does not suit them: just water a temperature sufficient to activate the body's defenses.

Remember when pouring cold water because of the short time exposure to heat does not have time to get out of the body, but the temperature difference effectively acts on the whole body, especially the nervous system, which includes the mechanisms responsible for the immune system and thermoregulation.

Douches should be taken every day, preferably in the morning, immediately after exercise.If you have the opportunity, carry out this procedure twice a day.But remember: your morning exercises should not include Yogi exercise, as not recommended for use after performing a contrast shower.

Like other water treatments, douches and useful for the skin: it reveals the sebaceous glands, so it is not necessary after washing the body with soap and water.For oily skin is recommended to use soap about 1 time a week, and when dry - 1 time per month.After

useful contrast shower rub the body with a towel of coarse cloth or a special mitten - it will strengthen the capillary blood circulation, resulting in the skin it will receive the necessary nutrition.In addition, rubbing the shower will help remove dead skin cells, after which the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Grinding should start with the scalp, in the direction from the periphery to the center.This is followed by pound limb from fingers to the body.Thereafter, in a circular motion from the center rubbing his chest, then his stomach, moving first to the navel, and then from it.Next you need to rub the lower back from the coccyx to the middle of the back.And finally, the final stage will be rubbing back along its entire length.