Treatment of salt baths

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

One of the most common and available treatments are baths.The positive effect of hygienic, cosmetic, therapeutic, prophylactic, salt, aromatic baths and other options was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

try to enter into a warm room and dry off, without drying after any aqueous process.

Hygienic bath designed to cleanse the skin and arranged her sweat and sebaceous glands from all sorts of pollution.The optimum temperature of 36-38 C. hygienic baths too hot baths are not recommended - they reduce the elasticity of the skin, which becomes flabby and aging prematurely.In addition, the long stay in hot water makes the skin more sensitive to infections.

Take hygienic bath should be 2-3 times a week, duration of the procedure should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

Hygienic bath not only activate all functions of the skin, normalize the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands, but also improve the process of metabolism in the body.

Therapeutic baths often performed in hospitals by a doctor.Depending on t

he nature of the disease state, and patient characteristics such baths may be hot, warm, cool or even cold.

Hot Tubs act on the body a relaxing, warm bath relieve muscle tension, nervous system, pain of various kinds, help with insomnia.Cold and cool baths intensify and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, accelerate metabolism.In therapeutic

baths almost always use different additives (drugs and plants, dirt, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and others.), Which are produced in the form of extracts and finished products, as well as various infusions and decoctions.

Mineral baths are one of the main water treatment in modern balneotherapy.They strengthen the immune system and stimulates the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems.

In recent years a very popular trend in medicine becomes aromatherapy.Baths with essential oils are very effective.They relieve stress and fatigue, soothe and tone not only

During the adoption of hygienic baths are recommended rubbing and body massage washcloth or a special brush.This procedure contributes to a more effective removal of the upper horny layer of skin, ie. E. Its purification, as well as improves blood circulation and nourish the skin.

skin, but also the whole body.These baths can be taken at home, because to acquire such

oil in a pharmacy or in perfumery and cosmetics stores is easy.Essential oils help with many chronic diseases, especially respiratory and nervous system, loss of strength and general weakening of the body.They restore emotional balance, normalize hormonal balance and stimulate the strengthening of the immune system.However, essential oils should be used with caution.

baths with sea salt.A very effective means to stabilize the nervous system, improve skin and the whole organism are special bath salts, which are evaporated from sea water.Sea salts have antiseptic properties, which helps to effectively treat the skin disorder.Saline couple relaxes and soothes the entire body, improve mood and overall vitality.

in therapeutic, prophylactic, hygienic baths to increase the effect of the procedure is often combined various additives.

advantage of baths with therapeutic and cosmetic additives is the simplicity of their preparation.

However, it should be remembered that, unlike cosmetic and hygienic therapeutic baths can be used at home only after consultation with your doctor.

preferably after every bath to dry (not wipe dry with a towel) and apply on skin milky lotion or body lotion.

baths with sea and sodium chloride are very popular, since it removes joint and muscle pain, pain after injuries of bones and ligaments, as well as have a positive effect in the treatment of nervous and cardiovascular systems, and normalize metabolic processes in the body and have anti-inflammatory effects.These baths are useful in nervous overload, depression and frequent stress.Furthermore, they enhance blood circulation, and some salt remains on the skin, turning into a "cloak salt", which continue after the procedure.

In one procedure is necessary 350 g of sea (or sodium) salt, which is to be dissolved in the bath (200 liters) of water at 37 ° C.The duration of the bath - 15-20 minutes.Course of treatment - 1-1,5 months.At the same bath with sea salt is recommended to take no more than 2 times per week.

Another option

For full bath requires 2 kg of salt.The latter simply thrown into the bath to dissolve.These baths produce irritation of the skin, cause to stand out through the skin of the water, urine and carbohydrate.Called salt baths enhanced nourishing blood positively responds to the deeper underlying metabolic disorders, such as rheumatic condition and scrofula.

With lime color

save your legs from swelling the local bath with lime-blossom, mint and sea salt.To do this, take 2 handfuls of mint leaves and lime color, pour 1 liter of boiling water and keep in a water bath for 10 minutes.Ready broth drain, pour into a bowl with water, add a handful of salt and carefully mix.In the prepared bath lower leg and hold for 15 minutes Scented

sea baths

When we take the sea baths, through the skin pores penetrate into the body a variety of useful substances contained in sea salt.But the benefits of these procedures could be much greater if we take not just sea and scented sea baths.

Which?It depends on us!Because we can select and essential oils, which also will have a positive impact on our body when taking sea baths.

Selected essential oils should just add to sea salt, which you are going to be mixed with water in the bathroom.Experts recommend for each bath to choose some one essential oil, and do not mix for smelling salts.A mixture of several oils in combination with sea salt and hot water may be too "heavy" effect on the body