bath treatment

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Visit the Russian bath is considered one of the most useful and pleasant water procedures.The fact that it is possible to "vaporize" the majority of ailments, yet know our ancestors.In ancient Greece and ancient Rome baths, too, were very popular, and in Russia people did not think their existence without the hot steam.

Being in the bath, the person experiencing the effects of a number of factors: steam, water and heat.They have a beneficial effect on the entire body: stimulating blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, improve the condition of internal organs and the musculoskeletal system and the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.Furthermore, through the opening onto the heated skin pores allocated from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of sweat from the body which are derived lactic acid, urea, salts and other products of metabolism.

from the release of toxins authorities better perform their functions.Steam treatments improve kidney function and digestion, increase appetite and reduce the acidity of

gastric juice.Full bath people also brings many benefits: the one who wants to get rid of the extra kilos, it goes to "burn" fat.

Steam treatments speed up the metabolism, improve gas exchange in the lungs, contribute to the expansion of the bronchial tubes, because of which are recommended for people with diseases of the respiratory system.In addition, the hot steam, affecting the nasal mucosa and skin, helps to cure a runny nose and reduce swelling caused by respiratory infection.

About 70% of visitors come to Bath to get emotional and psychological discharge.Steam treatments can ameliorate disorders, neurosis, headaches, anxiety and insomnia.A heat-induced increase in the body adrenaline is the only benefit.

Steam treatments beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.Especially recommended are the people suffering from rheumatism, inflammatory diseases of the ligaments and tendons, arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis of the knee or hip.

Good works Bath and urinary system, so it is recommended to visit in nephritis and cystitis.With regard to the sexual sphere, then, for example, inflammation of the prostate gland or the testicles or gynecological diseases doctors prescribe bathing procedures as an adjunct therapy.Steam shows varicose veins in pregnant women and helps to increase the amount of milk in nursing mothers.

After the bath the skin is cleansed not only from dust and sweat, but also on the keratinized epithelial cells, saturated with oxygen, it becomes elastic and smooth.Furthermore, in the steam room revealed sebaceous and sweat glands, which contributes to their purification.The combination of cool water and steam increases the tone of the skin and activates its protective, excretory and thermostatic function.Steam treatments are beneficial to the skin and scalp, facilitate the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and even boils.

shown sauna and allergic skin diseases: hot air, saturated steam, relieves itching and normalizes metabolism.During

bath procedures number of heart beats per minute usually reaches 100-160, which increases the circulation, including the capillary.

But Bath is useful not for everyone.It is contraindicated in people who are forbidden serious exercise.It is not recommended to visit her sick hypertension, epilepsy, severe asthma, or diabetes, to cancer patients, as well as suffering from kidney stone disease, hypo- and hyperthyroidism.

to feel good about themselves, when visiting the baths should observe a few simple rules:

1. You can not bathe in the evening before going to bed, as well as earlier than 2 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.Remember: after consumption of alcohol in the steam room you can heat stroke occur, disturbance of the heart, or faint.

2. Coming to the bath, do not rush immediately to the steam room, as the body has to get used to the heat and to steam.For starters take a warm shower, a warm foot bath and pat dry with a towel body.Before entering the steam room you can not use soap - it defats the skin, which should protect your body from drying out.

3. Before you go to the steam room, tie the head with a towel or wear a woolen hat.This will protect you from overheating, and consequently, from heat stroke.You can moisten the cap in the water, but in this case the hair moisturize it is not recommended to achieve better results.

4. Pouring water on the hot stones, be careful: do not breathe in the mouth and nose.In order not to burn your fingers when Steaming broom or pouring water on the stones, put your hands on a wool or canvas gloves.

5. If you intend to go to bath to get rid of the disease, is engaged in a steamy lowest shelf.The same rule must be followed and those who are just beginning to master bath procedures.

6. Do not think that if you spend more time in the steam room, then get rid of the disease or obesity.Short but frequent visits bring much more benefit.The best time of one call spent in the steam room is 8-10 minutes, and more than 3-4 visits should not do.This rule applies to healthy people, and all the weak and sick bannuyu procedure should be limited to 20 minutes.The first call in a steam room should not last more than 3 minutes as the thermal overload adversely affect the cardiovascular and nervous systems.As a result, you may experience anxiety, insomnia and irritability.If during the bath treatment you experience dry mouth or burning of the skin, be careful, because this is a very alarming signal.

7. Each time after exiting the steam spray the body with cool water, "Take a cool shower or swim in the pool.Cooling procedure should not exceed 2 minutes.

8. Between the calls in a steam room, you can drink some water, juice without sugar or kvass.Rest periods should be 5-15 minutes.

9. The steam is better to lie than to sit at the same time you need to put your head on the wooden armrest.Legs should also be on the bench, otherwise you will feel the difference in temperature.If you decide to leave the steam room, you must first sit down on the bench for 1-2 minutes, then slowly get up and go.

10. After the bath should rest, drink tea with herbs, fruit drinks or juice, but in any case not less than beer and spirits.

11. it is not recommended to go to the Russian bath is more than 1 time per week.If you do it less often, steam will not give the desired effect, and if the most - your body will lose too many trace elements.