"Live " and " dead" water

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Under the influence of the current on a special device, which is a principle of action was developed craftsmen from Stavropol DI Krotov, in water, a chemical reaction occurs.After the water filling the electrolyte reservoir which is divided by a semipermeable membrane to the cathode and the anode region, the current is passed.The result is alkaline, positively charged water, which is called the living, and the acidic, negatively charged, the so-called dead water.

known that in an acidic environment hazardous killed viruses and bacteria, and has the property of alkaline repair damaged tissue.

The human body is a large biochemical laboratory, consisting of 70% water.Therefore, reception of a particular type of water has a great influence on the processes occurring in it.

Action redox reaction "live" and "dead" water is universal.They are often mistaken for the prevention of diseases.Especially positive they affect the bodies performing the cleaning function (kidney, liver, intestine).

Good results were achieved in the treatment of colds, tonsillitis, flu.

use of "dead" and "living" water promotes the healing of burns, treatment of purulent wounds, abscesses and boils, skin diseases of different nature.

However, when using this tool, it is important not to overdo it and use it, observing certain rules.For example, the interval between the ingestion of "live" and "dead" water should be at least 2 hours. In addition, it should be noted that the water from different sources, respectively, differ in composition.Therefore, the end result of the electrolysis will be different in each case.The chlorinated water, which often consume the inhabitants of large cities, under the influence of the current form of chlorine impurities - chlorides, chlorates, perchlorates, which can cause great harm to the body.

«Live" and "dead" water is used in cosmetics for strengthening hair and cleanse the skin, sterilization and disinfection of instruments and tools, equipment, facilities and so on. D.

not buy self-made installation to create a "live" and"dead" water.They are often used for electrodes of stainless steel, which is oxidized during the reaction and saturates the water with heavy metal ions, which are also unsafe.On an industrial standardized installation used metals that are not oxidized and do not form practically the ions that are harmful to humans (e.g., platinum).

In any case, the presence of serious illness before the water intake, processed electric shock, be sure to consult with your doctor.