Useful and therapeutic properties of the soul

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Shower is a perfect combination of universal hygienic facilities and excellent wellness facilities.Mechanical irritation caused by water not only cleanses the skin but also gives a strong local and general reactions of the skin and body.

most accessible procedures of this type of home are the usual warm and contrast showers.

should take a shower every day (if time and conditions, and you can 2 times a day).Such a procedure, in addition to the general beneficial effect on the body as a whole, is also an excellent tool for rejuvenating the skin.

When the water passes through a special grid with many small holes, poured on the body of the individual streams, rain shower is called.This is the most versatile shower, which is widely used in cosmetics and medicine.Besides rejuvenating effect, it has beneficial effects on the nervous system and overall vitality.

should only remember that the constant use of detergents (soaps, gels, foams) leads to dry skin, so do not use them too often.

relatively new kind

of shower is a shower-massage (whirlpool), which has found application in medicine, cosmetics, sports.He, like rain, has a universal effect on the body, stimulating the work of all its organs and systems.

in health care facilities, clinics and beauty salons use special soul.Among the most well-known and common are shower, Scottish, needle, dust, circular, ascending, massage shower.

The soul Charcot water temperature from 35 to 42 ° C is poured first fan jet, then it is switched to a compact jet spray without directing to the body.The procedure is performed from the bottom up, ie. E. Starting with the feet.Once the skin is reddened, again include a fan pattern enveloping body completely.Sharko shower is used in various diseases, especially those related to metabolic disorders, since it, among other things, promotes withdrawal from the body of toxins.

When the Scottish (or contrasting) soul simultaneously apply two hoses, each of which is the water of different temperatures - warm and cold with a temperature difference of 5-7 to 20 ° C or more.This shower activates different organs, it is often used in the treatment of metabolic disorders, especially in varying degrees of obesity.

The needle shower water flows through a grid with holes in which are inserted a thin metal tube, so it hits the body in the form of a sharp needle-like jets.This shower improves skin tone, acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, stabilizes the nervous system.

variant is circular needle soul - his jet hit from several sides and in different directions.Begin circular shower with hot water, the temperature of which is then gradually reduced.

in dusty shower the water passes through the mesh with very small openings, turning into mist.This procedure is most often used in psychotherapeutic purposes.