How to cook the kind of water ?

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Melt water can be prepared in various ways at home.Method one.

And the easiest.Fill the containers, filling them about 2/3 of the volume, close the lid and store in the freezer until completely freezing.Defrost water thawed at room temperature, in the same closed vessel, already prior to use.

Other methods - more complex.The virtue of the fact that they allow to filter out harmful impurities, mainly salts of heavy metals.Method two.

ordinary water, boil for 1-2 minutes, then quenched by placing the pan covered with a lid, in which the boiled water, under a stream of cold running water

.Cooled to 20-25 ° C water pour into the vessels, and put in the freezer.Once the water is completely frozen, remove the containers from the freezer and place in a container for a gradual thawing.You will see that when the ice begins to melt, in the center of the cup is formed whitish bubble "serdtsevinka" that needs to be thrown away - a "heavy" water with harmful impurities.You can enroll in a different way.When the w

ater begins to freeze only, discard the first newly formed piece of ice.It incorporates an extremely harmful for the human body element - deuterium.Fix a time when the water is frozen by about a third.It is because of this piece of ice, you get a healing kind of water, and the remaining liquid without regret vyplesnite - there were all the harmful impurities, mainly acid and alkali.But the most useful - defrost water obtained during cyclic processing.The third way, cyclic.

heat water to 94-96 ° C (when it is not yet in full swing, but the bubbles are already beginning to rise

streams).Remove the pan from the heat and place in a bowl with cold water to rapidly cool down to room temperature.After that freeze.Thus, water passes all the stages of the cycle in nature - evaporates cools, freezes and thaws.This water has the highest internal energy.Method fourth.

How to Cook "protium" water.Enamel pot with filtered (or ordinary) water to put in the freezer refrigerator (in the winter - on the balcony).After 4-5 hours to get it.The water surface or wall of the first already is stuck in ice.Water is poured into another pot.The ice that remained empty, concentrated heavy water molecule (deuterium, which freezes at a temperature of 3.8 C, while necessary for our body water - at -1 C?).This first ice containing deuterium throw.A pot of water put back in the freezer.Once the water in it freezes 2/3 not merge frozen water - a "light" water, it contains all the "chemistry" of our civilization.That ice that remained in the pan, and there are "protium" water, so we need to.It cleared of impurities is 80% and contains 16 mg of calcium per 1 liter of liquid.Now melt the ice at room temperature (not heat) and drink during the day.It is this water drink centenarians.During the day, it is desirable to drink 2 to 3 cups of melted water.The first glass of drinking early in the morning, 1 hour before meals.The rest - during the day, and 1 hour before the next meal.Keep water in the refrigerator should be, accustoming himself to the cold gradually.

In many reports, the melt water can reduce pain and even heart

resorption of blood clots coronary vessels.She stops hemorrhoidal strong

bleeding, reduces the pain of hemorrhoids, improves blood flow after thrombosis of the lower extremities and facilitates the disease with varicose veins.Meltwater significantly lowers cholesterol and improves metabolism.It can serve as an effective tool against pathological completeness.Meltwater improves athletic qualities and reduces the occurrence of an athlete in shape.

When soaking the seeds in the melt water and watering her plants harvest increases 1,6- 2,1 times (especially grain).

animals were twice more resistant to possible accidental infections.Cats who have lost their ability to bear children (with age), acquired this ability again and brought kittens.

What cookware to use?

Filling a glass jar, do not forget that when freezing water expands and can crack the glass.Therefore it is better to use plastic food containers, microwave containers, bottles of drinking water or food cans.

in metal bowl should not freeze water - this reduces its useful properties.

svezherazmorozhennuyu should drink water.The minimum dose has the effect - 4-6, the melt water per 1 kg of weight.The first glass of drinking early in the morning for 1 hour before meals.The rest - during the day 1 hour before meal.