activated "living" treatment and "dead" water in a.Malovichko , of s .menedzhyan

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Activated water has a beneficial effect on the body.

cures most diseases, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the metabolism, reduces joint pain, headaches, pain in the joints of hands and feet, improves appetite and digestion, is used for sore throat, diarrhea, eczema, herpes.

method of use - 1/2 cup 30 minutes before eating.

process for the preparation of activated water to be found in the relevant recommendations (give one of them).

Since 1981, the press began to publish articles on activated "living" and "dead" water.Many fans and enthusiasts use this water not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also for prevention.Easily capture and storage, the harmlessness of the action on the living organism helped activated water to gain credibility among the people as a safe drug with a wide range of therapeutic action.

long been known that the electrolysis of water - is a chemical reaction of water decomposition into positive and negative ions by passing therethrough a current from the DC volta

ge source.During electrolysis around the anode water becomes acidic properties, while at the cathode - alkaline, but the water in the vessel and mixed all the time as a whole remains neutral.

Once established between the electrodes of the barrier material, free flowing water ions but not water itself.As a result, both water turned compartments with different chemical properties.For example, in the anode compartment of the water it had a sour taste and a certain positive charge, and near the cathode - alkaline taste and negative

charge.This water is drained into a separate container and started to investigate.Incidentally we noticed that from the effects of alkaline water to quickly heal minor abrasions, cuts, scratches.

rapid healing of fresh wounds, cuts, experiments with cotton (watering the beds of activated water) led the alkaline water called "live", and acidic - «dead»:

similar to many folk tales.

Since 1985, activated water became known more formally: the acid, "dead" - the analyte (from the word "anode") A drug, bactericide;alkaline, "live" -katolitom (from the word "cathode"), a drug K stimulant.

One of the first self-produced consumer unit for the production of "live"

and "dead" water, was D. Krotov - Honored inventor and innovator of Stavropol.He tried on myself and offered the first recipes for use

activated water for medicinal purposes.

in domestic and foreign literature published various options for the manufacture of the activator in the home.One of them is shown in the diagram.

liter jar, 2 electrodes made of stainless steel measuring 40 x 160 x 0.8 mm, the distance between them - 40 mm, do not reach the bottom.

process of cooking water takes 5-30 minutes, depending on the desired fortress.After cooking, turn off the power plug from the mains, pull out the bag quickly and survive "dead» water into another bowl.