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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

«Live" water has a pH of about 10.5."Dead", respectively, has a pH of about 3.0.

Acid ( "dead") water is a clear liquid with no sediment, has a sour taste, knitting texture, the smell of acid.Depending on its concentration and storage conditions, it retains its biological properties for 2 - 3 weeks, it should be stored in tightly closed containers away from sunlight.For this purpose it is desirable to use a thermos bottle or dark glass.Acid water is characterized by pronounced antiseptic, iedisinfecting properties.When ingested, it lowers blood pressure, improves the body's metabolism, reduces joint pain and so on. E., When applied externally water disinfects wounds festering.

Alkaline ( "live") the water - also clear, though after the reaction can precipitate flakes, which is greater, the worse was the original tap is almost odorless.The properties of this water is alkaline, soft, reminiscent of rain."Living" water quickly heals wounds fresh, stimulates metabolism the body, increases blood

pressure, improves appetite and digestion.Keep it should be in the dark, without access of air.In such circumstances, it maintains its properties for a week or more.

In the preparation and use of activated water is necessary to observe the following rules.

activated water should not be stored in the refrigerator, and without the need to cool down unnecessarily.This is due to the vibration of the refrigerator, with its magnetic field.Despite the fact that this field is small, its influence significantly affects the quality of water, deteriorating its properties.In some recipes below, prior to use activated water to be heated.Care must be taken in this case.The water should be heated over medium heat, preferably in an enamel or ceramic dish (but not in any way on the electric stove!), bring to a boil it is not necessary, otherwise the water loses its beneficial qualities.When mixed "live" and "dead" water is mutual neutralization and the resulting liquid loses its therapeutic activity.Therefore, upon ingestion of "living», and then "dead" water is necessary to pause between doses is not less than 1.5-2 hours at external use, for example, after processing the wound "dead" water -. Is also requiredpause for 8-10 minutes, and then the wound should be treated with a "living" water.

Once again it must be emphasized that the activated water - is not artificial, and natural product.It does not cause allergies, but on the contrary, it successfully resolves.In the worst case, the water just will not have a significant effect in the treatment of a particular disease, but all the same beneficial effect on the general condition and will not cause any harm.

Activated water can be used by inhalation, especially for the treatment of infectious colds.This applies to "dead" water.It can be used and the electrophoresis method, for example in the treatment of rhinitis.To do this, gauze wrap two thin electrode (anode), pre-moistened gauze "dead" water, and insert them in the nose.The cathode is also necessary to press moistened head.Naturally, during the electrophoresis must be careful: power supply must not exceed 3-4.5 volts.Usually enough

1-2 10-12 minute procedure.

Take the medicine with water should not be activated.If necessary medication, is necessary to maintain a pause between 2-2.5 h and water intake of medicines.

The ingestion of activated water single average dose for an adult human

is usually 1/2 cup.For children aged 2 to 5 years

- 1/4 cup, from 5 to 12 years - 1/3 cup, 12 and over - 1/2 cup.

For external use and rinsing procedure is better to repeat 6-10 times a day.

Take water should be 30 minutes before meals or 2-2.5 hours after a meal.

Before using water for cosmetic purposes, skin should be pre

degrease soap or an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid.

Before you make a water compress the affected area should be warm sand,

salt or a light massage.The activated water before use (for

compress and rinsing) is required to heat up in a water bath.

advise not self-medicate.Before treatment, consult your doctor.