Practical application of " silver water "

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Using silver to disinfect water not only increases the existing arsenal of reagents, but is one of the most effective methods of disinfection and preservation of drinking water.

So, comparing the effects of chlorine - a conventional disinfectant (and it is - one of the worst poisons) - with the effect of silver, you can set the following:

1) in contact with organic substances and other water impurities as silver and chlorine are gradually inactivated,but, unlike chlorine, silver activity is maintained for a long time;

2) introducing chlorine into the water, even in small quantities worsen its taste and smell, irritates mucous membranes, while silver, even at relatively high concentrations, does not alter these figures water, and no irritating action on the organism does not occur;

3) silver causes the death of vegetative forms of bacteria, retards the development of the dispute, inhibits the growth of blue-green algae, protozoa, viruses, fungi and so forth.

Thus, silver, acting slower chlorine and

maintaining bactericidal properties for a long time, may be asuccessfully used in cases where the use of chlorine is contraindicated.For example, in ships, in swimming pools, in the field and so on, and in cases where the interaction of chlorine with water gives impurities strongly smelling or toxic compounds.This method is used today

in the United States, England, Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia and other countries.

high bactericidal silver electrolytic solution is recognized as a highly

and is used mainly for the preservation of drinking water.This method will allow a high degree of guarantee to disinfect and preserve water for marine vessels for the duration of flights.Today, this water are astronauts.

Silver at a dose of 0.2 mg / L was an excellent preservative mineral water and soft drinks.

Fine silver behaves in the preservation of citrus fruits and vegetables, fruit juices (0.5 mg / l).Increases with storage time to 7 days to a year.The use of silver electrolytic sterilization of grape and fruit juices require fresh, clarified and filtered until clear juice.Then introduced 5-7.5 or 7.5-10 mg / l of silver and sterile bottles are placed in a thermostat at a temperature of 10-120 days at 30-32?C. Application

silver ions leads to an acceleration of the aging process of wine, improve their taste and aroma.

Anodnorastvorennoe fine silver disinfects dishes, cups, spoons, plates, intended for public use, while the normal washing does not ensure the complete destruction of microorganisms.

proved that money is not found in milk destroys vitamin C and makes it possible to extend the shelf life of canned milk in winter to 4-5 days in the summer - to a day.

dose of 6-8 mg silver / l, adding to the milk soon after milking, stabilizes the product.

silver concentration 2,2-3,75 mg / l in the water used in the preparation of butter, led to an increase its safety, palatability.When immersed in eggs silver electrolytic solutions for 1-2 h at 20 mg / l is achieved a very effective disinfection of the shell.Addition of "silver water" to the egg mass (10 mg silver per liter of egg mass 2) leads to a significant reduction in the production of bacteria and egg powder melange.Electrolysis

directly in milk (5.6 mg / L) increases the shelf life of 2-3 days without changing the taste.

all found in beer brewing bacteria and fungi are killed within a very short time in water treatment Silver dose of 0.5-0.6 mg / l.It was the most resistant sarcin beer, but it dies within one hour at a dose of 0.5 mg / l.

«Silver Water" is an excellent disinfectant pipelines brewery.Acetic acid bacteria are killed with doses of silver 0.025-0.05 mg / l at a contact time of 30 minutes.

use "silver water" to deal with moldy meat in cold storage at the factory.

solutions of silver salts are used for the stabilization and conservation of the blood used in the food industry.

silver in a concentration below 10 mg / l gelatin disinfects timer.The electrolytic solution can be used to store certain medicines, infusions, eye and ear for the preservation of prepared bodies.The presence of silver in a dose of 4.0 mg / L stabilizes perishable for a long time infusions (for 5 or more days).

The antimicrobial properties of silver are used for protection of aviation fuel by microorganisms.