Magnetized water (magnetic water) (o . Malovichko , of s . Minedzhyan )

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

MD E. Utekhin wrote about the strength of the magnetic bath "magnetized water is biologically active and can therefore have a therapeutic effect."

Experiments have shown that ingestion of magnetic water increases the permeability of biological membranes of tissue cells, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and liver, regulates blood pressure, improves metabolism, promotes separation of small stones from the kidney, liver, normalizes sleep at night.

were reported positive results in the treatment of patients magnetized water, suffering from eczema and various skin diseases - dermatoses.In 1990, the Union Conference on magneto and magneto discussed in detail a beneficial effect of turbulent baths and underwater massage on patients with protracted pneumonia, infectious nonspecific polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis and some other diseases of the joints.Since magnetized water has a normalizing effect on a disturbed cholesterol metabolism in atherosclerosis and positive

effect on the course of the disease, a number of scientists recommended to drink it, not only for medicinal purposes, but also for the prevention of atherosclerosis, to improve immunity.It should be noted that the physical and chemical properties are changed when the magnetic treatment to a greater extent in the water in which dissolved salts thus longer, and its curative effect is higher.On this basis, in sanatoria of Sochi in 1973 first began to use the method of treatment magnetized seawater.Baths prescribed to patients suffering from hypertension.After a course of treatment in most patients disappeared complaints of headaches, tinnitus, weakness, fatigue and pain in the heart.Almost all patients and decreased blood pressure returned to normal night's sleep.Today, mineral bath with magnetized water used at many resorts in the country.However, it is necessary to arrange the bath and home.Here is what we offer for the magnetization of the mineral baths at home.

necessary to buy at a hardware store device for magnetic water treatment BRAIN-4008.

This device for magnetic treatment of water for garden plots, can be used for these baths.

device is mounted on a tube inner diameter of 20 mm and the water as it passes through the device omagnichivaetsya.The water pressure flowing through the device should not exceed 2 atm, which is well suited for its use in the home.

Note.To avoid demagnetization of permanent magnet device must not come into contact with steel and cast iron parts by pulling impact, heat.

Then you need to get or make yourself a simple device for dissolving sea salt in water.

Fig.2 shows a device adjustment.

housing (box) must be non-metallic.

How to arrange a bath must have the following:

1) device for magnetic water treatment;

2) the device to dissolve the salt;

3) hose with a hole of 20 mm;

4) sea salt (available at pharmacies).

Thus, the tap water passes through the device to dissolve the sea salt, and then - through the magnetic treatment device, after which salt becomes magnetized water.Water should not be very hot, and flow from the tap slowly to the salt time to dissolve.From time to time to open a device and add sea salt.