Cold full baths

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Cold full baths are recommended primarily as a preventive agent for healthy people.Take them at any time of the year.These baths hardened body, cleanse the skin, improve the circulatory system and strengthen the entire body.In winter, you need to take 1 bath in 1-2 weeks, in the summer of this procedure moleno spend a little more often, but not more than 2 times a week.

should not resort to this procedure, if the body or feet feel cold, are not recommended cold baths those who got wet in the rain or chilled in the cold.Before taking a cold bath, you need to warm up, do some exercise.Upon receipt of the cold bath, be sure to put on dry clothes and warm up by a walk or exercise.

optimal time for performing the procedure - about 1 minute, but you should start with 7-10 seconds.Incidentally, the duration of administration cold bath does not affect the force of its impact.The shorter residence time in the bath, the more intense its action.Too long stay in cold water, and not only in the therapeutic or pro

phylactic bath, but also in the normal pond, no benefit but only weakens the body.Doctors do not recommend swimming in the sea or river, to remain there for more than an hour.

Unaccustomed difficult to force myself to enter into the cold water, even if it is not a hole in the winter, and the usual bath in the apartment, so it is best to start training with wiping douches and cold foot baths.Beginners as quenching agents can offer cold half-bath, before taking that it is desirable to warm up with exercise or a warm bath.Hours cold half-bath - from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

cold full bath can also be used to treat patients.This method is widely used by our ancestors, who knew that using a short-acting cold water can quickly bring down the heat and reduce fever, burns patient.Cold water involves the body's defenses and causes him to fight the disease: easier breathing, blood flow improves.Particularly, this method operates at the outset of the disease.In the XIX century, cold baths have been successfully treated, even such a dangerous disease, as typhoid.They have the same properties and pouring a cold shower.For patients who are not getting up from the bed, you can apply rubbing, which is also of great benefit, but the procedure should be carried out with great care.