Cold and hot shower

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

This water treatment stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the immune and nervous system, invigorates and energizes.Action contrast shower is based on the fact that an unexpected short-term cooling of the body increases the body's defenses.Douches, like other contrasting water treatments, is used in extreme fatigue, to treat colds, neuralgia, rheumatism, migraines, diabetes, heart disease, kidney, circulatory system, Addison's disease, anemia, malaria.People suffering from thrombophlebitis, hypertension, vascular spasm, infringement of brain blood supply, begin this procedure should be with caution and only after consulting your doctor.

procedure should be carried out as follows.Stand in a bath of water and obleytes comfortable temperature, then make it hot so that the body is suffering, but there was no danger of scalding.In 30 (60 or 90) seconds, close the tap and let the hot one cold water.Drenching her body for 20-30 seconds, then turn hot.Douse her body again, Suffer little cold water.At this ti

me, under a cold shower can stand a little longer, up to 1-2 minutes.At the final stage of the switch for a short time, hot water, and then replace it with a cold.

poured water should be all parts of the body, not lingering long in some areas.Contrast, or transitions from hot water to cold, should be three.The final - always cold water.In no event it is impossible to bring the body to the chill.Prior to cooling the whole body and be sure to moisten the face.

You can use the following diagram of a contrast shower:

1. Warm water (the body is accustomed).

2. Hot (as long as nice).

3. Cold (20-30 seconds).

4. Hot (20-40 seconds).

5. Cold (1-2 minutes).

6. Hot (20-60 seconds).

7. Cold (as long as nice).Suitable another option contrast shower .

Stand under the shower and immediately start up the hot water.After 10-15 seconds, turn the cold water.Stand under a cold shower 10-15 seconds.Make three such cycles.It is also necessary to finish the cold water.

get used to the contrasting soul should gradually.First, it is recommended for 2-4 weeks to take a shower a pleasant room temperature and only then go to the moleno contrasting soul with one change from hot water to cold.Standing under cold water should be no more than 5-10 seconds.Shower with one shift, it is desirable to do 1-2 weeks.You can then go to the shower with the two, and then three transitions.

can also weaken at the beginning of the temperature drop and pour not too hot and cold water, warm and cool.This recommendation should be followed to the sick and weak people.

When the water becomes cold enough, you must immediately move to the very cold, even icy.If you do not, and to lower the temperature too slowly, the result of hardening can not see.Often, people reduce the water temperature to 19-20 ° C, and then start to hurt.The fact that such water cools the body temperature, but does not activate the host defenses that continue to doze.When pouring very cold water due to the short duration of the procedure, the heat does not have time to get away from the body, but this method effectively acts on the nervous system and, as it includes a mechanism responsible for thermoregulation and immunity.

Douches is recommended to take daily.The best time - the morning after gymnastic exercises.Note, however, that this shower is contraindicated after the yoga systems.Even better, if you have the opportunity to carry out douche twice a day.

Douches, as well as the daily douche, good for the skin and sebaceous glands, and therefore eliminates the need to wash frequently with soap and water.For oily skin is recommended to use soap is not more than 1 time in seven days, dry it can be applied not 1 once a month.

body rub after a contrast shower, using gloves, brushes, towels, increases blood circulation and skin nutrition.Such method helps to remove dead skin cells, keep it smooth and supple.

Rubbing (or wiping) should start with the head, rubbing it from the periphery to the center.Then you need to go to the hands and feet, starting from the toes to the body.Then you rub the breast, making a circular motion from the center to the top and to the side.Further clockwise widening and then narrowing circles to the navel massaged his stomach, and then the turn of the waist (up from the coccyx).

last stage - rubbing the back in the longitudinal direction.