Wet wiping

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

Wiping (wash) - often used in hydrotherapy treatment system.This method is used in hardening and prophylactic purposes, as well as in the treatment of many diseases.Rubdown are divided into general and partial, when exposed to the effects of the individual parts of the body.

In general wiping man standing in a bucket or tub with warm water, you need to wrap a sheet soaked in water and wrung out.The water temperature should be reduced gradually, starting at 32-30 ° C and reducing it on a daily 1 * C until it reaches 20-18 ° C. Trituration should be performed over the wet sheets rapid movements for 1-3 minutes untiluntil warming sensation appears in the body.

Rubbing can be performed independently, using a sponge with a rough towel or special mittens.You can add to the water intended for wiping, table salt, cologne or alcohol.If the procedure is carried out in relation to the weak and seriously ill, you can apply the partial wiping.First you need to grind one, then the other leg, then hand back, and so

on. D. Unused parts of the body are under a blanket.it is necessary to put soaked in water and wrung the towel When partial wiping body parts.Rubbing is best done wet the special glove.

Not recommended wiping, especially common, with strong chills and body overcooling.It is impossible to carry out procedures in areas where walking drafts.

Rubbing can be combined with a stream of water with 1-2 buckets of water.The water temperature in the bucket must be at 1-2 ° C below the temperature pods taken wiping.After this procedure, the body should be wiped dry sheets.

rubdown have a tonic and refreshing effect, they stimulate blood circulation, improve metabolism.The procedure used to reduce the heat, for the prevention of rhinitis, pharyngitis, throat and lung disease as well as diseases of the autonomic nervous system.Applicable for bedridden patients and heavy wiping affect similar medicinal baths.