Therapeutic and preventive water treatment

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

believed that water, unlike drugs, can not do any harm, no side effects, and yet begin hydrotherapy, as well as to any other treatment, should be gradually and cautiously.It is necessary to take into account the age, overall health, susceptibility to various diseases.Man is weak, non-hardened and often ill unlikely to instantly become a Hercules, if without any preparation dive into the hole.It is important to listen to your body, and no matter how useful the procedure, if it causes the most discomfort, it is better to give it up and choose something else.Even if you really want to quickly become a healthy and fit, it is not necessary to run DURING the snow with a cold, pour cold water, suffering from a sore throat.People just walk on the path hydrotherapy, as well as impaired, the elderly, sickly to start is better to use water at a temperature not lower than 14-15 ° C.

Cold water treatments should be applied on a warm (but not overheated) body.Sharp brief exposure to cold water stimulates the mechani

sms of adaptation, and, if the body is not warmed up, it will take time to turn on the thermoregulatory mechanisms, resulting in a cooling of the body may occur.Inside biopathogenic energy penetrates the cold, and the man, instead of hardened and improve your health, get sick.If the body is overheated, overheated, rapid exposure to cold can lead to spasm of blood vessels and blood flow blockage.

not recommended hydrotherapy with cold water immediately before going to bed, t. To. They are exciting, and hence it will be difficult to fall asleep.

You can not start a session of hydrotherapy with colds, in which case you must first warm up.When extreme fatigue need to rest a little, and only then take the procedure.

When procedures with cold water should not be long to undress and then dress.For example, together with the dressing and undressing procedure receiving a cold bath should not last more than 5 minutes.

Modern medicine recommends that after a cold bath towel become powdered, thus making the body massage.However, Kneipp advises not to wipe, but only to get dressed quickly, explaining that some of the bodies while wiping dry, while others will remain wet, as a result of the different areas of the skin to be unequal body temperature, and it is harmful to people or debilitated patients.If the dress without drying, natural heat spreads evenly and quickly throughout the body.

to all parts of the body quickly dried up and reached normal operating temperature immediately after a cold bath necessary physical activity.Useful brisk walking, and after the appearance of a sensation of warmth you can replace slow.Duration of physical activity after a cold bath - at least 25-30 minutes.